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‘Crazy beast’ fossil shows how weird evolution can get

Ashley Strickland | 
Researchers have uncovered the fossil of an early mammal named the "crazy beast" that lived 66 million years ago on ...
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Tracing evolution of mammalian hearing: Essential ear bones were once part of the jaw

Sarah Zhang | 
One hundred and twenty million years ago, when northeastern China was a series of lakes and erupting volcanoes, there lived ...
4-24-2019 giantcarnivore

‘Ancient lion’: Meet the largest carnivore we’ve ever discovered

Ashley Strickland | 
Twenty-three million years ago, a giant carnivore larger than any modern-day lion or polar bear stalked sub-Saharan Africa, according to ...
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Gene drives reach their next frontier: Mammals

Shelly Fan | 
Tiny snippets of engineered DNA, gene drives are nuclear-grade powerhouses that utterly destroy the rules of inheritance. Rather than the classic ...

Why humans may not be to blame for ancient African mammal extinction

New research has disputed a longstanding view that early humans helped wipe out many of the large mammals that once ...

No, humans haven’t wiped out 60 percent of animals since 1970. But things still look ugly

Ed Yong | 
Since [October 29], news networks and social media have been abuzz with the claim that, as The Guardian among others ...
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