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ancient finds gondwanatherian exlarge

‘Crazy beast’ fossil shows how weird evolution can get

CNN | 
Researchers have uncovered the fossil of an early mammal named the "crazy beast" that lived 66 million years ago on ...
paysage sous marin antarctique

Discovery of microbes under ocean floor suggests life could thrive in ‘extreme environments’ like Mars

CNN | 
When scientists find microbial life thriving in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, it gives them hope that ...
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Space-grown lettuce a hit with astronauts, and nutritionally identical to its earthly counterpart

CNN | 
The astronauts floated around, expressing delight as they tasted something entirely unexpected in space. "Awesome! Tastes good! I like that! ...
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2 million years ago, we lost this gene. That may be why humans are so prone to heart attacks

CNN | 
One-third of global deaths are due to cardiovascular disease caused by atherosclerosis, when arteries are clogged with fat deposits. Although ...
4-24-2019 giantcarnivore

‘Ancient lion’: Meet the largest carnivore we’ve ever discovered

CNN | 
Twenty-three million years ago, a giant carnivore larger than any modern-day lion or polar bear stalked sub-Saharan Africa, according to ...
homo luzonensis remains philippines

Philippines cave yields mysterious new human ancestor: Homo luzonensis

CNN | 
Ancient bones and teeth found in Callao Cave in the Philippines have led to the discovery of a previously unknown ...

Are we closer to finding life on Mars?

CNN | 
Organic matter has been found on Mars in soil samples taken from 3 billion-year-old mudstone in the Gale crater by ...

Mystery ‘cocoliztli’ epidemic that wiped out the Aztecs may have been caused by salmonella

CNN | 
In the 16th century, an epidemic known as "cocoliztli" that caused bleeding and vomiting swept through large areas of Guatemala, ...
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Darwin’s mystery animal: Camel-like creature linked to ancient horses finally added to tree of life

CNN | 
After the last of its kind died out about 12,000 years ago, a strange animal that stumped Charles Darwin is ...