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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna opposes germline-editing moratorium: ‘We’re going to have to figure it out’

Jennifer Doudna wears her responsibility lightly. The scientist who co-discovered Crispr does not appear to be weighed down by the ...
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Viewpoint: In the face a gene-editing revolution, President Trump should push for moratorium on human germline editing

In the face of the rapid development of the most powerful technologies ever invented — CRISPR germline gene editing, “artificial ...
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Viewpoint: Global moratorium on human gene editing ‘inadvisable’ for 3 reasons, including potential research delays

Heritable genome editing (HGE) of the human germline has potential as a niche assisted reproductive technology. If it can be ...
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Families plagued by inherited diseases push back against ban on gene-edited embryos

In 2012, scientists showed that CRISPR, an ancient bacterial immune system, can edit DNA. ... Barely three years after, leaders in ...
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Why Nobel laureate David Baltimore doesn’t support moratorium on CRISPR babies

Some scientists have recently proposed a temporary moratorium on editing that would result in babies that carry heritable changes. … Science ...
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Viewpoint: No, we don’t need a moratorium on germline gene editing

Should researchers put the brakes on genetically engineering babies? Leading scientists and ethicists recently called for a moratorium on clinical applications of germline ...
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Viewpoint: Call for moratorium on heritable gene editing reminds us of gene therapy’s troubled early days

A group of influential scientists have urged that clinical use of CRISPR be put on hold in the wake of ...

African nations push back against proposed UN ban on gene drives

Africa has kicked against a proposed moratorium on the environmental release of organisms containing gene drives now under debate at ...

Costly delays: Australia’s sluggish adoption of GMO crops carries a hefty price tag

The nation lost out on $431 million in economic gains, while also missing a chance to cut greenhouse gas emissions ...
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