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Viewpoint: Bill banning neonicotinoid insecticides from wildlife refuges based on bad science

The House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources recently approved HR 2854, the 2019 Protect Our Refuges Act, prohibiting the ...
hummingbird bee crisis

Challenging media narrative about the ‘birds and the bees’—neither faces serious threats from neonicotinoids or other crop chemicals

Discarding this valuable crop protection tool is a questionable strategy ...
PAN joins NGOs in Neonics Ban

Global consensus finds neonicotinoids not driving honeybee health problems. Why is Europe determined to ban them?

Why is Europe allowing what has been called 'a bizarrely one-sided piece of politicized science' to determine agricultural policy? ...
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The world faces ‘pollinator collapse’? How environmental advocates and the media get the science about the ‘bee-apocalypse’ wrong time and again

With neither the facts nor the science on their side, environmental advocacy groups are simply pounding the table ...
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Viewpoint: EU neonicotinoid insecticide restrictions could ‘disrupt global trade flows’

Farmers and the agri-chemical industry are criticizing the European Parliament for seeking to export the EU’s stringent standards on pesticides ...
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Viewpoint: GMO trees could save America’s ‘decimated’ citrus industry from bacterial ‘plague’

Farmers in the major U.S. citrus-producing regions—Florida, California, Texas and Arizona, in particular—are facing a plague of epic proportions. Oranges ...

Canada’s suspect move to phase out neonicotinoids to ‘protect bees’ sets stage for US regulatory battle

Canada’s PMRA—its environmental regulatory agency, part of HealthCanada—rolled out for public comment its tentative decision to phase out almost all ...
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France’s neonicotinoid ban just took effect. How will it impact farmers?

A ban on five neonicotinoid pesticides [entered] into force in France on [August 31], placing the country at the forefront ...
what to do when your kid gets a bee sting

Viewpoint: Bans on neonicotinoid insecticides may not actually help bees

Public pressure is growing in Australia to ban the sale of pesticides called neonicotinoids because of their harmful effects on bees. The ...
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Backlash to flawed ‘landmark’ European neonicotinoid study: Inconclusive data suggest both health benefits and harm

Upside down news: A backlash by independent scientists has begun to emerge, challenging sensational accounts of a 'landmark' European field ...
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