Infographic: How our brains keep track of time

It’s unclear how the brain keeps track of the timing of events within a memory. One theory posits that, as ...
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Understanding brain states: How your mind functions when tired, versus wired on caffeine

Ever wonder what happens in your brain to make the switch between down-and-out tired, and borderline over-caffeinated? As it turns ...
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Specialized ‘event’ cells help your brain keep all your memories organized, study suggests

Our recollection of events is usually not like a replay of digital video from a security camera—a passive observation that ...
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‘Mini-computers’ found in our neurons could be key to developing more powerful AI networks

With just their input cables, human neurons can perform difficult logic calculations previously only seen in entire neural networks. To ...
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Have scientists discovered a new pain-processing organ under our skin?

It’s not common that researchers discover what could be an entirely new part of the human body. But a team ...

Can adult brains grow new neurons? New study says yes.

If the memory center of the human brain can grow new cells, it might help people recover from depression and ...

Using stem cells to trace autism’s development to earliest days of pregnancy

Figuring out how autism starts is complicated. … [A] large international team obtained skin cells from eight autistic people and ...

Cataloguing brain cells to better understand how our minds work

If you stumbled across a radio or a computer and had no idea how it worked, you would likely first ...

Not so different after all: Reptile and human brains have a lot in common

Reports of human and reptile brain differences seem greatly exaggerated, according to recent neuroscience ...
MIT Brain Rhythms

Puzzling out how the brain turns electrical pulses into ‘thoughts, actions and emotions’

Neuroscientists have tried for decades to observe the swift electrical signals that are a major component of the brain’s language ...
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Understanding the brain’s record-keeping system

The brain has a temporary way to keep track of memories ...
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ALS patients more likely to have other mental, behavioral problems

Because ALS primarily affects a person’s motor neurons, it has been assumed that the disease spares a person’s mental faculties ...
What are the Chances of Recovering from Paralysis

Repairing paralysis? ‘Growth cocktail’ shows promise for severed nerves

[R]esearchers have coaxed nerve cells to span the divide of a complete spinal cord injury. Their findings, described August 29 in Nature, ...

Mapping worm neurons to learn more about human memory

Although memories seem ethereal, scientists believe that they may be stored in the connections between neurons called synapses. In theory, ...

Piecing together the complex puzzle of the brain’s decision-making functions

A group of 21 neuroscientists are joining forces in an effort to better understand how different parts of the brain ...
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