New evidence of e-cigarette dangers: Vapor liquid linked to chronic gut inflammation

New evidence of e-cigarette dangers: Vapor liquid linked to chronic gut inflammation

It is still early days for research into the long-term effects of e-cigarette use. Cursory studies are discovering e-cigarettes can potentially cause some ...

Directed evolution tool could force viruses to churn out new drugs ‘in a matter of days’

Evolution is one of nature's most impressive forces, allowing organisms to adapt to changing environments to survive. By harnessing and ...
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Video: Robot dinosaurs show us how flight evolved

Modern birds are believed to have evolved from certain types of dinosaurs, and the transitional species Archaeopteryx sits neatly in ...

Peering back in time: Engineered synthetic organisms could help answer key evolutionary questions

Evolution is the accepted explanation for life's diversity today, but there are still some holes in the process that we ...
crispr mutations copy

Why does CRISPR randomly fail 15% of the time?

The CRISPR gene editing process is known to fail about 15 percent of the time. These random failures have until ...
The Mystery Of The Mutant Mice That Never Got Fat ubg tlcbmz xj gghzwg

Unable to gain weight: Mice kept thin by blocking fat-storing enzyme

A compelling study from a team of researchers at the University of Copenhagen has demonstrated a way to completely stop ...
artificial mole

Implanted artificial mole could be early warning system for prostate, lung, colon, breast cancer

[R]esearchers at ETH Zurich have developed a novel early warning system for four common types of cancer. An implant keeps ...
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