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Viewpoint: Public supports CRISPR, gene drives to battle infectious disease, plant pests—despite activist opposition

Consumers are less wary of biotechnology when they know how it's being deployed ...
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GMO critics in Germany seeking special tax in bid for greater control over biotech offerings

With a new initiative, NGOs in Germany are seeking authority over the approval of biotechnology products such as pharmaceuticals and ...

Viewpoint: Greenpeace and ‘the awful reality of anti-science activism’

The Austrian research portal "Addendum" released a bombshell video regarding the facts, figures, and positions regarding GMO foods. In this ...
Viewpoint: Former US journalist Carey Gillam should stay out of Europe's glyphosate debate

Viewpoint: Former US journalist Carey Gillam should stay out of Europe’s glyphosate debate

A former agricultural reporter at Reuters, Gillam now presents herself as "the Rachel Carson of the GMO debate." Belgian-based risk ...
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The story behind the well-funded opposition to block AquaBounty’s sustainable GMO salmon

Opposition to the world's first GMO animal approved for human consumption was fueled by a variety of sources --from quacks ...

Should the European Union continue to fund anti-science and unaccountable NGO non-profits?

Public tax money in Europe is being given with limited or no accountability to organizations actively working to undermine consensus ...

How US NGOs are exploiting Europe’s precautionary chemophobia to ban glyphosate and GMOs

Environmental NGOs have a harder time influencing the evidence-based US regulatory system, so they're taking the fight to Europe — ...
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Why former organic farmer, food inspector turned against Big Organic to embrace GMOs

Nothing cuts deeper than feeling betrayed. That's the story of a former organic farmer who now believes the industry who ...
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