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Video: What makes opioids so addictive

In the 1980s and 90s, pharmaceutical companies began to market opioid painkillers aggressively, while actively downplaying their addictive potential. The ...
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Preventing opioid overdoses with a smart phone app that monitors breathing patterns

The opioid epidemic in the US kills 115 Americans every day, with fentanyl by far the biggest killer. Per year, drugs in ...

Mimicking brain death: The danger of overdosing on this muscle relaxer

In a new case report, Turkish doctors from Dokuz Eylul University present a curious case of drug intoxication mimicking brain ...
skin graft cocaine addiction

Can a skin patch thwart cocaine overdoses?

There are nicotine patches to help quit smoking, and then there’s this: patches of actual skin, genetically engineered to produce ...
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Opioid pain killer without risk of addiction? It may be possible

The ultimate goal of pain medicine—a powerful painkiller with few to no side effects, such as dependence or overdose—is still ...

Synthetic marijuana has a real problem: Nobody knows what’s in it

[Recently], more than 70 people overdosed on the synthetic marijuana known as K2 during a single 24 hour period in New Haven, ...
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