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More children sickened by polio vaccine than by wild virus

Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and Angola have experienced nine new cases of polio caused by the ...
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‘Time to stop debating’: Researchers blame enterovirus for mysterious polio-like paralysis in kids

A team of researchers has published evidence that an enterovirus is to blame for a mysterious neurologic illness that has ...
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Paralyzed man walks, using exoskeleton suit controlled by brain implants

The news: A paralyzed man has walked again thanks to a brain-controlled exoskeleton suit. Within the safety of a lab setting, ...
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Could a virus be causing mysterious ‘polio-like’ disease affecting children?

Researchers say they have strong new evidence that a virus is involved in a rare and puzzling polio-like condition that ...
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Chasing the mysterious polio-like disorder striking children

A runny nose or cough are normal symptoms during the fall, but this year doctors in the United States and ...

Electrical stimulation to the spine helps paralyzed man walk with assistance

For many patients, total lower limb paralysis caused by spinal cord damage means a lifetime in a wheelchair. But a ...
What are the Chances of Recovering from Paralysis

Repairing paralysis? ‘Growth cocktail’ shows promise for severed nerves

[R]esearchers have coaxed nerve cells to span the divide of a complete spinal cord injury. Their findings, described August 29 in Nature, ...
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Polio eradicated? Health officials mobilizing against AFM–rare polio-like condition

Cases of a rare condition that is characterized by polio-like symptoms have ballooned in North America and elsewhere. Here is ...
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