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Brain changes can be spotted ‘years before’ Parkinson’s disease emerges

Changes in the brain that can be spotted years before physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease occur might act as an ...
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Chasing the ‘perplexing’ link between appendectomies and Parkinson’s disease

New research has found a perplexing, though relatively small link between the devastating neurological illness Parkinson’s disease and having your ...
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‘Super smeller’ woman boosts effort to create early diagnosis tool for Parkinson’s disease

Long before Les Milne began exhibiting the telltale signs of Parkinson’s disease, his wife Joy—a so-called “super smeller” capable of detecting ...

Appendix removal reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease, study suggests

The appendix, a once-dismissed organ now known to play a role in the immune system, may contribute to a person’s ...

Could studying rare Parkinson’s mutation help treat other cases?

A handful of gene mutations are linked to inherited PD, but they account for less than 15 percent of the ...
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