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Viewpoint: Parents’ anti-GMO fervor just might contribute to children’s allergies

Eating organic and avoiding GMOs has no effect on food allergies. But the mentality underlying GMO avoidance and overly-protective parenting ...

Countering severe peanut allergies through oral immunotherapy

Mom Monica Glover said the family discovered Ellis' peanut allergy when she was about 3. … Glover seized the opportunity ...
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Hypoallergenic foods: Genetic engineering could help prevent 30,000 US ER visits annually

Hortense Dodo has genetically engineered a hypoallergenic peanut. But she isn’t targeting people with peanut allergies. Not directly, anyway. ...
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DNA test could help people with severe food allergies avoid peanuts

For people with severe peanut allergies, eating even minuscule amounts of the legume can trigger anaphylaxis -- a life-threatening condition ...
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Talking Biotech: How genetic engineering can reduce cancer-causing contaminants in peanuts

Plant pathologist Dilip Shah: GMO peanuts could help eliminate a potent threat to human health in the developing world ...
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Can online gamers help developing nations solve aflatoxin crop contamination?

Puzzle solvers at the website, a crowdsourcing project, are being asked to look for new and efficient ways to ...

Early warning child allergy detection system? Competing theories of how to inoculate children against developing reactions

Allergic reactions to foods can strike young children without warning. Now, a controversial blood test may be able to detect ...

Talking Biotech: University of Georgia’s Peggy Ozias-Akins on genetically engineering peanuts to fight aflatoxin, allergies

University of Georgia's Peggy Ozias-Akins on engineering peanuts to reduce allergies and presence of aflatoxin ...
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