autism and seizures

Certain autism behaviors and seizures might have a common origins

Peter Hess | 
Early behavioral signs predict seizures in autistic children, according to a new study. Previous work has shown that 5 to ...

For treating epileptic seizures, pharmaceutical CBD is more effective than ‘artisanal’ alternatives, researchers say

Children and teens with epilepsy who were treated with pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) had much better seizure control than those who were treated ...
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‘Defibrillator for the brain’: Implant could prevent epileptic seizures in autistic children

Jessica Wright | 
Kevin, who has autism and has had seizures since he was 8 years old, lies uncharacteristically still in the center ...
brain inline slices

What makes us human? These pieces of donated brain tissue may offer answers

Laura Sanders | 
Half an hour earlier, this piece of neural tissue was tucked inside a 41-year-old woman’s head, on her left side, ...

Convulsive seizures could play a key role in Alzheimer’s disease

Lauren Aguirre | 
It’s no surprise to neurologists that some people experience convulsive seizures in the later stages of [Alzheimer’s] disease.  … But ...
epilepsy autism genetics neurosciencenews

Brain implants could control epileptic seizures with chemical stimulants

Jennifer Ouellette | 
People who suffer severe epileptic seizures may one day be able to control or even prevent them with an electronic ...
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