The central challenge for regenerative agriculture advocates: Not undermining the movement by 'overselling' its limited and targeted advantages

The central challenge for regenerative agriculture advocates: Not undermining the movement by ‘overselling’ its limited and targeted advantages

Marc Brazeau | 
The term regenerative farming first popped up in the mainstream media in a 1987 New York Times article about what ...
benefits to the soil by earthworms

New meta-analysis finds Bt crops have no impact on soil biota

Joan Conrow | 
A new meta-analysis finds that genetically modified Bt crops — in stark contrast to some pesticides — have no impact ...
gardener holding dirt

Viewpoint: American agriculture could ‘unravel’ without major sustainability changes

Tom Philpott | 
Picture an ideal dinner plate. If you’re like most Americans, it features a hearty portion of meat, from animals fattened ...
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Exposure to different types of dirt may boost body’s immune system, study suggests

Jef Akst | 
Differences in allergy incidence between the two sides of the Finnish-Russian border might have something to do with exposure to ...

USDA scientist: Cover crops check soil degradation—major threat to global food security

Lauren Hale | 
Visit the typical almond farm in California and you’ll see rows of trees stretching to the horizon, forming an arching ...
hands in soil crop

1/3 of the world’s soil is degraded. But technology can bring our farmland ‘back to life’

Richard Gray | 
In Iowa they call it “black gold” – a fertile blanket covering the landlocked Midwestern state. Thousands of years of ...

‘Second generation’ GMO plants could turn marginal soils into productive farmland

Tom Abate | 
Roughly one-third of the world’s arable land suffers from lack of accessible iron, rendering it inhospitable to staple crops like ...
n SOIL x e

‘Carbon farming’: The answer to climate change, flooding and declining biodiversity?

Kenneth Miller | 
The chemical in question is carbon. Too much of it in the atmosphere (in the form of carbon dioxide, a ...

Soil erosion accelerates climate change, impacting 3.2 billion people, UN report claims

Roger Harrabin | 
There's three times more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere – but that carbon's being released by deforestation ...
Farmer and tractor tilling soil

‘Sticky’ pesticides could protect crops, cut harmful agricultural runoff

Erik Stokstad | 
A problem with many pesticides is that rain washes them off plants and into the soil and groundwater. Now, researchers ...
n SOIL x e

GMO crops and herbicides: A ‘win-win’ for farmers and the environment, plant scientist Wayne Parrott says

Wayne Parrott | 
A fertile soil is a microbial wonderland .... a tiny ecosystem too small to see with our eyes. Yet, the ...

Viewpoint: ‘Regenerative agriculture’ could reverse soil degradation and save our farmland along the way

David Montgomery | 
New technologies and genetically modified crops are usually invoked as the key to feeding the world’s growing population. But a ...
monsanto protest children

Viewpoint: 12 ways organic activists mislead consumers

David Zaruk | 
Does the organic food industry use deceptive marketing practices to scare wealthy customers away from conventional agriculture and GMOs? The ...
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Are GMOs to blame for the loss of nutrients in our fruits and vegetables?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Mineral and nutrient depletion, blamed on GMOs by anti-biotech activists, began long before GMOs were introduced. Time to look for ...
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