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From art to zombies, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic gave us some ‘surprising cultural byproducts’

Elizabeth Outka, author of "Viral Modernism: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature," argues the 1918 flu pandemic's influence is an ...
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Video: There were objections to Spanish flu lockdowns too. Bad things happened when critics got their way

During the Spanish flu era, officials pushing public health mandates to stop the pandemic in its tracks were met with ...
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1918 Spanish flu redux? ‘Unprepared for the deluge of death’, politicians rejected ‘social distancing’ in bungled handling of the pandemic

It was a parade like none Philadelphia had ever seen.... When the Fourth Liberty Loan Drive parade stepped off on September ...
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Should America stop public gatherings to slow coronavirus? Hard lessons learned from the Spanish flu pandemic in Philadelphia in 1918

In 2020, as sports officials here and elsewhere struggle to deal with the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the influenza epidemic of ...

How 100-year-old tissue samples could rewrite the Spanish flu’s deadly history

Late one night Michael Worobey began poking around on the internet, looking for descendants of a World War I British ...
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Some US towns were untouched by 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The military wants to know why.

[On 4 June 1919, the Spanish flu] had finally found its way to the remote native Inuit communities that dotted ...
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Could modern influenza outbreaks escalate into devastating pandemics like the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’?

It is unlikely that we will ever experience anything like the 1918 outbreak, but researchers say we could see outbreaks ...
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