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Viewpoint: Why grow GMOs? To prevent cancer, pesticide poisoning and farmer suicides

Stuart Smyth | 
Activists who desperately cling to lies about the risks of GM crops are now the ones who look 'very stupid.' ...

Infographic: What suicidal behavior looks like in the brain

Catherine Offord | 
Scientists have identified several key neurobiological pathways with ties to suicidal behaviors. Research in the field addresses only a fraction ...
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Treating ‘suicidality’ as its own medical condition could spur research, better treatment options

Temma Ehrenfeld | 
There is no established method of identifying patients in immediate danger of attempting suicide. Some researchers are trying to change ...
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Searching for genetic links to suicidal thoughts and behavior

Rona Strawbridge | 
New genetic research could help identify those most at risk of suicide ...
sandy hook elementary to reopen nearly years after shooting

How mass shootings and other traumas could impact mental health, suicide risk

Sujata Gupta | 
Two teenagers who survived the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., took their own lives ...

Why masculinity is in turmoil

Roni Jacobson | 
The American Psychological Association released new guidelines for men and boys last month. Critics went mad — and they missed the ...

Increased suicide risk linked to 4 gene variants in study

Ben Lockhart | 
University of Utah Health researchers have identified some genetic factors that may increase a person's risk of dying by suicide, ...
depressed college students with autism

Why identifying suicide risk among people with autism is a challenge

Cheryl Weinstock | 
Studies over the past few years hint that suicidal ideation is more common in people with autism than in the ...
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Talking Biotech: Non-agricultural debt—not GMOs—to blame for Indian farmer suicides

Environmental scientist Vaishnavi Tripuraneni: Marriage loans and health care—not seed costs—are the main drivers of debt for smallholder farmers in ...
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