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Spillover effect: Could GMO disinformation shake public trust in other scientific innovations?

In 2016, the World Economic Forum listed online digital misinformation as one of the leading threats to modern societies. Campaigns ...
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Webinar: GLP’s Jon Entine, science communicators address agricultural biotechnology misinformation

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) released a new paper, The Importance of Communicating Empirically Based Science for Society. In ...
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Viewpoint: Why grow GMOs? To prevent cancer, pesticide poisoning and farmer suicides

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Activists who desperately cling to lies about the risks of GM crops are now the ones who look 'very stupid.' ...

Science majors less skeptical of GMOs than other undergraduates? Yes, but not by much

For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to supervise a number of students working on their undergraduate thesis in ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Big Ag’ caused the coronavirus pandemic? Predatory science journal amplifies baseless COVID-19 conspiracy

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With the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, agricultural supply chains around the world have been taxed to ensure consistent and ...

Global access to education is growing. Here’s how GMO crops might be helping

One of the consistent benefits of GM crop adoption has been a higher farm and household income. In an assessment ...
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Plant breeders rapidly adopting gene editing to commercialize more high-yielding crops

It would be inaccurate to say that plant breeders in Canada are ‘a dime a dozen’. A rough estimate places ...
Viewpoint: How GMO herbicide-tolerant canola accelerated sustainable farming

Viewpoint: How GMO herbicide-tolerant canola accelerated sustainable farming

Who would have fathomed how significant a day in March 1995 would become in the history of Canadian agriculture? On ...

GMO herbicide-tolerant canola increased Canadian farm profits $233 million, saved consumers $26 million

Many think that the developers of new technologies are the ones who gain virtually all of the benefits, with consumers ...

Podcast: Agricultural economist Stuart Smyth explains the risks and benefits of GMOs and the future of crop biotechnology

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Few academics eagerly engage the public on controversial scientific topics, content to quietly focus on their research. Agricultural economist and ...
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Viewpoint: Confused about GMOs and pesticides? Here’s a science-based handbook for combating anti-biotech fallacies

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The risk posed by junk science meant to skew our perception of food safety and biotechnology cannot be overstated ...
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Viewpoint: Growing GMO crops provides 4 major health benefits you probably didn’t know about

Plant Biotechnology Journal | 
While the application of agricultural chemicals is highly mechanized in industrial countries, the same cannot be said for developing countries, ...
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Viewpoint: Europe’s strict GMO crop cultivation rules encourage Amazon deforestation

EU based anti-GMO environmental organizations have ensured that European farmers don’t have access to leading agronomic technologies, resulting in less ...

Viewpoint: ‘Political populism’ dictates Europe’s bureaucratic anti-GMO crop rules

As individuals, we’re able to decide whether a single action is acceptable to us, or deemed to be too risky ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Naïve’ calls for glyphosate ban threaten higher food prices, resurgence of more toxic pesticides

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The unintended consequences of glyphosate bans are many and potentially severe ...

A look at the neglected ‘1%’ of biotech crops that slashed chemical use and boosted yields

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Last year on SAIFood we discussed the benefits of the four major genetically modified (GM) crops, canola, corn, cotton and ...
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We must end ‘over-regulation’ of crop gene editing to halt global food insecurity, says prominent Canadian agricultural scientist

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[W]hen it comes to food and agriculture, the future may be predictable, but it isn’t humorous. The current situation is ...

Can we feed a growing world population without using yield-boosting technologies?

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The production of food has environmental impacts, there is no way around this .... Nature is ruthless and weeds will ...
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Viewpoint: Europe’s GMO process-based crop regulations are a great way to kill innovation

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In 2002, Europe establishing a new regulatory agency, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to resolve its regulation problems regarding ...