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Canadian glyphosate-cancer lawsuits against Bayer may proceed regardless of US settlement

Robert Arnason | 
.... [T]he agreements, between Bayer and numerous law firms in America, don’t apply to potential class action lawsuits in Canada, ...

As CRISPR crops become more common, don’t throw GMOs under the bus, scientists warn

Robert Arnason | 
Farmers and scientists may be tempted to throw transgenic crops in the trash. The technology, which has provided benefits to ...
baby mushrooms

With consumers still fearful of synthetic chemicals, biotech firms spend billions on biopesticide development

Robert Arnason | 
Major players like Bayer and start-up companies are spending billions to identify fungi, bacteria and organic compounds in plants that ...
neonics canola

EU neonic insecticide ban cut UK canola production from 1.8 million acres to 1.3 million annually

Robert Arnason | 
In 2012, U.K. farmers seeded about 1.8 million acres of oilseed rape [canola]. But over the last eight years, acreage ...

Viewpoint: Science losing out to anti-glyphosate hysteria, farmers in a quandary as there are no alternative weedkillers as effective

Confirmation [in January] by the U.S. [EPA] that glyphosate is not carcinogenic is welcome, but .... it doesn’t matter. What ...

GMO crops with enhanced carbon-storing ability could help slow climate change

Michael Robin | 
More than 10 percent of the Earth’s land-surface is cropped, about 3.7 billion acres of carbon sequestration Farmers’ toolkits for ...
Screen Shot at AM

Glyphosate harms soil microbes? USDA research challenges common criticism of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide

Robert Arnason | 
There are dozens of conspiracy theories about glyphosate. One of those theories goes something like this: glyphosate, the active ingredient ...
Monsanto Roundup pesticide ap img

Losing glyphosate herbicides would be ‘major blow’ to sustainable farming, weed scientist argues

Barb Glen | 
Glyphosate, the herbicide that has revolutionized weed control since its introduction in 1974, faces steadily increasing restrictions and in some ...
apples min

Viewpoint: Conventional, organic farmers risk alienating consumers by ‘trashing’ each other’s products

Ed White | 
I once rescued a car from a mechanic who was pushing much unnecessary “repair” work. The ethical mechanic I took ...

Biotech industry fears Canada’s uncertain CRISPR crop rules will slow farming innovation

Sean Pratt | 
Canada is falling behind other jurisdictions in providing clarity on how it will regulate new crop varieties developed through gene ...
baby roundup question

General Mills urges suppliers to cut glyphosate use, citing growing consumer pesticide fears

Robert Arnason | 
General Mills, like all companies, needs happy and satisfied customers. That’s why it’s asking suppliers, farmers who produce oats, wheat, ...

CRISPR gene editing speeds efforts to breed disease-resistant wheat, cut nitrogen pollution

Michael Robin | 
Researchers from around the globe gathered in Saskatoon [in August], focused on making wheat more efficient and sustainable using the ...
smallhivebeetle f f

Decoded small hive beetle genome could help control invasive honeybee parasite

Margaret Evans | 
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service have deciphered the genome of a serious threat to honeybees ...
china GM corn

Canadian farmers anticipate access to new GMO crops as US-China trade deal nears completion

Sean Pratt | 
Canadian farmers may benefit from the trade dispute between the United States and China to the tune of hundreds of ...

Vietnam’s glyphosate ban: Beginning of a dangerous global trend?

Vietnam’s decision to ban farmers from using glyphosate is troubling in three ways: it appears to rely on decisions set ...
csm Oilseed canolafield bayer b a c a d

Drought, neonicotinoid insecticide ban cut EU’s canola yields 18 percent, USDA reports

Sean Pratt | 
The European Union is picking a good time to produce its second straight subpar rapeseed crop. The United States Department ...
TheFoodTrust HealthyCornerStore e

Consumer-focused CRISPR-edited crops may be key to building public trust in biotech

Robert Arnason | 
Gene editing has the potential to change agriculture, but only if consumers believe it’s a beneficial technology....The best way and ...
Arctic Apple x e

Booming sales suggest non-browning Arctic apple could be breakthrough product, overcoming anti-GMO fears

Robert Arnason | 
Jack Bobo doesn’t hold back when talking about the Arctic Apple. He believes the non-browning apple could change how people ...

USDA bioengineered labeling rules reignite GMO transparency debate

Sean Pratt | 
Farm groups and food companies are pleased with a new United States labeling law governing genetically modified organisms, but non-GMO ...

Pro-farming social media campaigns haven’t changed consumer opinion on GMOs: Here’s why

Robert Arnason | 
It happens at almost every farm meeting in Canada. Someone gets up from their chair, walks over to the podium ...
Screen Shot at AM

Will Canada rethink its proposed ban on neonicotinoid pesticides?

Robert Arnason | 
Health Canada scientists have been studying water monitoring data, from across the country, and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency may ...
blue tractor sprayer

Forget Old McDonald, farmers must communicate consumer benefits of modern agriculture

Cam Dahl | 
Most farmers are reluctant to talk about modern agriculture. Our own industry advertisements promote the image of a farm with ...
bananassss x

Viewpoint: Biotech industry must invest more in public outreach, or risk losing GMO debate to activists

Robert Arnason | 
Agri-food is a $110 billion industry in Canada. Canola, just canola, supports 250,000 jobs and has a $26 billion impact ...
Viewpoint: USMCA North American trade deal sets precedent for sensible worldwide biotech crop regulations

Viewpoint: USMCA North American trade deal sets precedent for sensible worldwide biotech crop regulations

Robert Arnason | 
In the crop science industry, China has a reputation for taking a long, long time to approve new genetically modified ...
d a fc a e fe

Conflicting pesticide regulations may fuel needless food safety disputes

Paul Pryce | 
Since 1961, the Codex Alimentarius has provided a common set of standards for food safety, ranging from nutrition labeling to ...

Did Canada overestimate the risks of neonicotinoid pesticides?

Robert Arnason | 
On Aug. 16, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency proposed to ban all outdoor uses of [the neonicotinoids] clothianidin and ...
Honey bee Apis mellifera

Viewpoint: Public’s support for Canadian neonicotinoid ban obscures bigger threats to bee health

Robert Arnason | 
On Aug. 15 .... Health Canada held a news conference to explain why it was banning neonicotinoid insecticides .... Health ...
A MAIN genes

Viewpoint: Rapid advance of gene editing tools will make biotech regulations obsolete

D'Arce McMillan | 
The case of the unapproved genetically modified wheat plants showing up alongside an oil well access road in Alberta is ...
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