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Where did strawberries comes from? Genomics, art history help trace evolution of fruits and vegetables

Plant geneticists seeking to understand the history of the plants we eat can decode the genomes of ancient crops from ...

CRISPR could cut development time for high-yielding seeds by 5-10 years

Crop hybrid technologies have contributed to the significant yield improvement worldwide in the past decades. However, designing and maintaining a ...
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Rat-munching monkeys could protect palm oil, most widely consumed vegetable oil, from rodents

Found as an ingredient in many processed and packaged foods, palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil. Now, ...

Sorghum gene could help cut massive crop damage caused by birds without harming them

A single gene in sorghum controls bird feeding behavior by simultaneously regulating the production of bad-tasting molecules and attractive volatiles, ...
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Are plants conscious? Experts say trendy theory in biology based on misunderstanding of evolution

If a tree falls, and no one's there to hear it, does it feel pain and loneliness? No, experts argue ...
Rice plants engineered to take up more CO2 could boost crop yields as much as 27%

Rice plants engineered to take up more CO2 could boost crop yields as much as 27%

A new bioengineering approach for boosting photosynthesis in rice plants could increase grain yield by up to 27%, according to ...

Battling rhino poachers with DNA evidence

Cindy Harper | 
In murder investigations, DNA evidence often helps to link a perpetrator to a crime scene and put him or her ...
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