tbi blood test

This ‘simple blood test’ could catch concussions missed by CT scans

Suzanne Leigh | 
Many patients with concussion have normal CT scans and are discharged from the hospital without follow-up. But a blood test ...
darryl isaacs tbi hospital

There’s a medical dispute over how long it takes to predict recovery prospects for patients with traumatic brain injuries

Robert Truog | 
The current practice in most ICUs is to help families make a decision about whether to withdraw life support within ...
soldier tablet laptop

Computer-based ‘brain-training’ program could aid veterans who suffer traumatic injuries

Sharon Begley | 
It has been 27 years since an attack on a U.S. military convoy in the Middle East left Army reservist ...
image e Brain Lymphatic System

Neurologic disorders may be linked to brain’s immune system

Ben Locwin | 
New research suggests there could be a link between certain disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, and the brain's inability to clear ...
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