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How Freddie Mercury got his voice: It wasn’t his teeth

Ricki Lewis | 
Was Freddie Mercury's magnificent voice aided by a genetic defect? ...
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Part of the forensic ‘jigsaw puzzle’: Tooth shape offers insights into a deceased person’s genetic makeup

Joe Pinkstone | 
A study found that some characteristics of dental remains — such as crown groove patterns, cusp size, number of roots, ...
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526 ‘abnormal’ teeth found in 7-year-old boy’s mouth in India extracted by surgeons

Manveena Suri | 
A 7-year-old boy complaining of jaw pain was found to have 526 teeth inside his mouth, according to the hospital ...
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400,000-year-old teeth suggest Neanderthals and humans split much earlier than thought

Doyle Rice | 
Our distant cousins just got a little more distant. A new study suggests that modern humans and our closest relatives, the Neanderthals, ...

WTF? Did the rise of agriculture—and soft foods—give us the ability to drop F bombs?

Ricki Lewis | 
How the foods we eat influence the sounds our languages develop ...

450,000-year-old teeth help piece together human family tree

Brian Handwerk | 
Crime-drama fans know that forensic scientists can ID the remains of long-missing persons by examining their teeth. To solve even ...
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Protein therapy in the womb overrides genetic glitch hampering teeth development, ability to sweat

Ricki Lewis | 
Imagine a fetus gulping in amniotic fluid and drinking a drug that restores the ability to form teeth, sweat glands ...
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