possibilities for stem cell therapy in parkinsons highlighted

‘This is what it feels like to be normal’: Experimental stem cell treatment shows promise against Parkinson’s

Sharon Begley | 
[Researchers planned] to carry out an experimental transplant surgery unprecedented in the annals of medicine: replacing the dysfunctional brain cells ...
human kidney cross section d printing biotechnology shutterstock x

3D-printed organs: Stuff of science fiction or an answer to the organ transplant shortage?

Sam Moxon | 
Among the more interesting applications of fast-moving 3D printing technology is its potential to help solve our critical organ transplant ...
uc health marketing

Borrowing a trick from cancer cells could be key to improving organ and limb transplants

Erin Garcia de Jesus | 
To help rats adopt transplanted limbs as their own, researchers have harnessed a ruse that cancer cells use to hide ...
2-19-2019 d d c e c fcc

Failure of first US uterine transplant blamed on organ donation system

Lenny Bernstein | 
On March 7, 2016, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic introduced the nation to Lindsey McFarland, the first person to undergo a ...
newborn baby spit up gerd

Transplanted uterus leads to successful birth of baby girl

Ed Cara | 
A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have ...

Pigs as human organ incubators? Pork producers gear up for potential demand

Meredith Knight | 
The pork industry is watching the potentially lucrative market that could be driven by a surge in demand for pigs ...
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