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Viewpoint: GMO skeptics abuse UN Biodiversity Conference to promote anti-biotech agenda

Countless people continue to suffer and die needlessly as a result of the arbitrary and unscientific restrictions forged at the ...

‘Humanity’s exploitation’ of land hastens climate change, United Nations’ IPCC says

[August 8] brings yet another devastating report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this time outlining how humanity’s ...
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UN report warning of ‘disappearing’ biodiversity raises unjustified alarms about food security, agronomist argues

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has just published a voluminous report, The State of the World ‘s Biodiversity for ...
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Viewpoint: UN should reject a proposed ban on gene drives

A draft resolution would revise the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity to call on governments to "refrain from" releasing organisms containing engineered ...

Global trade treaties on firing line: Cartagena Protocol, relic of earlier era promoting GMO fears

The Cartagena Protocol, started with the best intentions, may be out of date ...
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