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Roundup Glyphosate Pesticides

Viewpoint: Mexico’s activist government pushes glyphosate ban that threatens food security and farmer welfare

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Biotech giant Bayer is currently in the fight of its life against more than 100,000 lawsuits alleging its flagship weedkiller ...
ga flat

Viewpoint: GMO skeptics abuse UN Biodiversity Conference to promote anti-biotech agenda

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Countless people continue to suffer and die needlessly as a result of the arbitrary and unscientific restrictions forged at the ...

Viewpoint: Why the world needs GMOs—4 farmers make the case for biotech crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The lopsided conversation between experienced farmers and clueless activists has severe consequences ...
GG June Cover image

Viewpoint: CRISPR crop revolution provides counterpunch to ‘misinformation’ promoted by anti-GMO campaigners

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Gene-edited crops usually can't be distinguished from conventionally-bred varieties. Opponents of NBTs may never comprehend this basic lesson of plant ...
cotton crop cotton tree plant

Viewpoint: Activist-inspired GMO cotton bans push Mexican farmers toward bankruptcy

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Mexico has a long record of safely cultivating genetically modified (GM) cotton. For more than 20 years, cotton has been ...
screen shot at pm

Viewpoint: How international anti-biotech activists manipulate year-old Mexican government to block crop GMO innovations

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Mexico's leadership should not restrict crop biotechnology based on personal beliefs or scientific misinformation ...
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