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Plummeting prices for genetic sequencing open ‘Pandora’s box of ethical concerns’

The speed at which the price of genetic sequencing has fallen has been astonishing, from $50,000 a decade ago to roughly $600 today ...
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Whole genome sequencing could be the next big thing for consumers

Genome sequencing was once impossibly expensive. The Human Genome Project, an international effort to decode the human genome that launched ...
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Podcast: Should you get your entire genome sequenced? The pros and cons of diving into your DNA

Given how little we know about how variations in the genome affect health and disease, is direct-to-consumer whole genome sequencing ...
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Whole-genome sequencing now costs less than a smart phone. But how much do people want to know about their disease risks?

Veritas Genetics is making a big bet that people want to know what’s in their genome.  The Boston-based company, which ...
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Seeking answers for sick babies through whole genome sequencing

When babies become intensely ill, it can be difficult to know what has gone wrong. But the answer, quite often, ...
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