Whole-genome sequencing now costs less than a smart phone. But how much do people want to know about their disease risks?

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Image: Veritas Genetics

Veritas Genetics is making a big bet that people want to know what’s in their genome. 

The Boston-based company, which started offering whole genome sequencing in 2016 for $999 — the first company to do so below four figures — announced today that it is lowering the price to $599. For much less than the price of the latest iPhone model, consumers can get a full readout of their DNA.

Veritas’ move is a clear signal that genetic sequencing technology is getting cheaper as it becomes more automated — but whether people will want to know about the disease risks that may lurk in their genomes is yet to be seen. But Veritas thinks its new price point will be low enough to convince customers that decoding their entire genome is worth it.


“Moving from $1,000 to $600 will absolutely lower the bar,” says Gary Gustavsen, partner and managing director at Health Advances, a health care consulting firm, who’s not involved with Veritas. “I think we’ll see more patients and even a lot of healthy people ordering these tests.”

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