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Whole genome sequencing could be the next big thing for consumers

Emily Mullin | 
Genome sequencing was once impossibly expensive. The Human Genome Project, an international effort to decode the human genome that launched ...
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Finding where ‘consciousness resides in the human brain’ could help us awaken comatose patients

Emily Mullin | 
Some people may gradually come out of a coma or wake up after a few weeks.... To help these people, ...
exoplanet earth resize md

‘Politics and war’: Why life on other planets would look a lot like our own

Steve LeVine | 
If other beings do populate the universe, what are they doing out there? Are the possible inhabitants of Teegarden b, ...
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Lack of minority donors in bone marrow registries ‘one part of a larger, systemic, problem’

Sarah Emerson | 
People of two or more races are uniquely disadvantaged when it comes to bone marrow matching. Blood diseases such as ...

Collecting DNA samples from migrant detainees opens door to enhanced government surveillance

Emily Mullin | 
[T]he United States government will begin collecting DNA samples from thousands of people detained by immigration officials, including minors, and ...
artist’s impression of proxima centauri b shown hypothetically as an arid rocky super earth

Finding a new home: Humanity’s survival could depend on a 1,000-year space journey to Proxima b

Corin Faife | 
Located in the triple-star Alpha Centauri solar system, Proxima b has a mass 1.3 times that of Earth and a ...
anti aging drugs senolytics

$1 million for anti-aging gene therapy? ‘Dubious’ treatment raises ethical concerns

Emily Mullin | 
Would you pay $1 million and fly to South America for a chance to live longer? Libella Gene Therapeutics, a ...
brain chip

Dark side of brain upgrades: They could give corrupt leaders ‘the ultimate way to ensure good citizenship’

Evan Selinger, Susan Schneider | 
It’s 2045. You stroll into the Center for Mind Design. There you can purchase a brain chip to augment your ...
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It’s been a year since the CRISPR baby controversy. Why are we still without global gene-editing rules?

Emily Mullin | 
Around this time last November, Chinese scientist He Jiankui stunned the world when he revealed the birth of the first ...
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Xeno-Skin: Genetically engineered pigs may be source of transplantable skin for humans

Emily Mullin | 
In a pathogen-free facility in Grafton, Massachusetts, a small town about 40 miles west of Boston, genetically engineered miniature pigs ...

Identifying potential Ebola ‘hot spots’ with new tools could prevent future outbreaks

Drew Costley | 
More than 2,000 people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo since an Ebola outbreak was declared last August, ...
a mouse embryo developing

Create a fetus without an egg or sperm? Researchers have done it with mice

Yasmin Tayag | 
Reproduction used to be a simple thing: two parents, one egg, one sperm, one embryo, one baby. But on [October ...
mars radiation trip

Orange skin? That’s just one of the ways our bodies might evolve if we settle on Mars

Michael Wall | 
Over time, we should expect a fair bit of evolutionary divergence between Mars settlers and the human population on Earth, ...
dr zukin with three parent baby born in kiev

Controversial ‘3-parent baby’ technique not effective for women over 36, fertility doctors warn

Emily Mullin | 
An experimental and much-hyped reproductive procedure that mixes DNA from three people is not effective at boosting the chances of ...

Turning DNA into a hard drive for data storage. How do you extract the data when you need it?

Emily Leproust, Emily Mullin | 
With massive amounts of data being generated around the world every day, DNA is poised to provide an ultracompact storage ...
brain stentrode

Here’s a neural implant that doesn’t require open brain surgery

Emily Mullin | 
Facebook and Neuralink’s plans to merge people with their devices will likely take several years to materialize. Wearables like what ...
ptw boyle acs syntheticbiology coverart final lowres

‘Synthetic biology doesn’t have to be scary’: It could offer us new medicines, biofuels and everything in between

Erin Wilson | 
Though hacking organisms and rearranging genomes may sound scary, there is definitely a Light Side to this narrative (a balance, ...
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Infographic: Our skulls have been shrinking for 250 years—’our faces have begun to deform’

Katherine Lewis | 
Science suggests that crooked teeth, overbites, narrow jaws, and crimped nasal airways are a modern phenomenon. Skeletal remains show that just 300 years ago, humans ...
stdwytk mandela effect video px

‘Mandela Effect’: What does mass misremembering tell us about human nature?

Riz Virk | 
If you follow unusual theories online, you’ve probably heard of the Mandela Effect. It’s a phenomenon in which a large ...
brain featured

Chasing true understanding of the brain: Why progress may be dependent on ‘trial and error, and some luck’

Brian Bergstein | 
Billions of dollars are flowing into research and neurotechnology projects like the U.S. Brain Initiative, Europe’s Human Brain Project, and ...

Gaming for catastrophe: Bioterrorism could create a pathogen ‘far worse than nature ever could’

Bryan Walsh | 
In the darkened ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., some of the finest minds in government are ...
blood test

Can this new blood test can predict your death 5-10 years before it happens?

Emily Mullin | 
Though predicting an exact day is far from likely, an experimental blood test may be able to tell an individual’s ...
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Here are 3 problems with DeepMind’s AI breakthrough, including poor accuracy at predicting acute kidney injuries

Julia Powles | 
[Google-affiliated artificial intelligence] DeepMind claimed its biggest healthcare breakthrough to date: that artificial intelligence (A.I.) can predict acute kidney injury ...

At-home diagnostic tests powered by CRISPR soon could help diagnose infectious diseases and even cancer

Emily Mullin | 
Today when you get sick, you need to make an appointment to see your doctor. ... But in the near ...
elon musk neuralink technology dezeen hero x

Viewpoint: We need to consider the psychological, behavioral implications of Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface

Andrew Maynard | 
Despite the technical promise of wireless read-write brain-machine interfaces, companies like Neuralink are in danger of getting so wrapped up ...
unnamed file

Whole-genome sequencing now costs less than a smart phone. But how much do people want to know about their disease risks?

Emily Mullin | 
Veritas Genetics is making a big bet that people want to know what’s in their genome.  The Boston-based company, which ...

Predicting IQ potential of human embryos may be possible with machine learning, genetic data

Oscar Schwartz | 
[T]he diseases that are most likely to shadow the average person’s life — cancer, heart disease, diabetes — are polygenic, ...

Alzheimer’s trial seeks to harness the body’s immune system

Ron Winslow | 
Scientists in academic and corporate labs are already pursuing a host of new approaches that they hope will offer pathways ...