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Here are 3 problems with DeepMind’s AI breakthrough, including poor accuracy at predicting acute kidney injuries

Julia Powles | 
[Google-affiliated artificial intelligence] DeepMind claimed its biggest healthcare breakthrough to date: that artificial intelligence (A.I.) can predict acute kidney injury ...

At-home diagnostic tests powered by CRISPR soon could help diagnose infectious diseases and even cancer

Emily Mullin | 
Today when you get sick, you need to make an appointment to see your doctor. ... But in the near ...
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Viewpoint: We need to consider the psychological, behavioral implications of Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface

Andrew Maynard | 
Despite the technical promise of wireless read-write brain-machine interfaces, companies like Neuralink are in danger of getting so wrapped up ...
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Whole-genome sequencing now costs less than a smart phone. But how much do people want to know about their disease risks?

Emily Mullin | 
Veritas Genetics is making a big bet that people want to know what’s in their genome.  The Boston-based company, which ...

Predicting IQ potential of human embryos may be possible with machine learning, genetic data

Oscar Schwartz | 
[T]he diseases that are most likely to shadow the average person’s life — cancer, heart disease, diabetes — are polygenic, ...

Alzheimer’s trial seeks to harness the body’s immune system

Ron Winslow | 
Scientists in academic and corporate labs are already pursuing a host of new approaches that they hope will offer pathways ...
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Scavenger hunt for new antibiotics sends researchers to strange places

Chris Baraniuk | 
It’s said that for nearly 200 years, residents of a small rural area in Northern Ireland called Boho (pronounced “bo”), ...

‘Gene doping’ could be the future of athletics. But is that a bad thing?

Nick Busca | 
[A] technique could theoretically be used to add muscle bulk to athletes, a concept called gene doping. Doctors could, theoretically, inject cells ...

Viewpoint: Male birth control pills won’t make much difference if men aren’t eager to use them

Lux Alptraum | 
It’s not enough to simply invent male contraception and bring it to market; we have to be in a place ...

Longevity science: Pioneer biotech startup wants to slow aging at ‘the cellular level’

Alexandra Sifferin | 
What sets [Harvard geneticist David] Sinclair apart from many of his his willingness to test his work on himself ...
kent mountain adventure center

Is the spirit of adventure encoded in our genes?

Erman Misirlisoy | 
There’s one particular behavioral question that unites many animal species: “Should I explore the wider environment or exploit my current environment?” … ...
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Women’s fertility is a ‘black box’. This biotech company wants to help crack it open

Dana Smith | 
Fertility is like most aspects of medicine — it’s rarely discussed until a problem arises. But as women wait longer to start ...
3-21-2019 dec exercise and genes

Peril of genetic tests: Sometimes too much information can be ‘harmful’

Erman Misirlisoy | 
Genetic testing can raise serious questions about our health. Is it helpful to find out that we are likely to ...