Dark side of brain upgrades: They could give corrupt leaders ‘the ultimate way to ensure good citizenship’

brain chip
Image: India Times

It’s 2045. You stroll into the Center for Mind Design. There you can purchase a brain chip to augment your intelligence or a bundle of several such chips.

Enhanced attention, virtuoso musical abilities, telepathy to directly experience other augmented people’s thoughts, and so much more are all there for the choosing. Which would you pick?

Evan Selinger is a professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology… . Susan Schneider is … the author of the new book Artificial You: A.I. and the Future of Your Mind. The following edited excerpt contains highlights of our conversation.

Evan: Your contribution to the series—“Should You Add a Microchip to Your Brain?”—depicts a future where advances in A.I. create a sense of desperation among the unemployed masses, leading them to consider purchasing brain chips to enhance their cognitive abilities … . Why should we care about this type of scenario now?

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Susan: … They are trying to hook you up directly to the cloud without the intermediary of a keyboard. Without proper regulations, your innermost thoughts and biometric data will be sold to the highest bidder. Authoritarian dictatorships will finally have the ultimate way to ensure good citizenship. They can pipe Orwellianisms into dissidents’ heads directly and locate dissidents by scanning the brain.

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