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Bill Gates: AI, gene editing could help us reach global health goals ‘exponentially’ faster

Yahoo | 
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been working to improve the state of global health through his nonprofit foundation for 20 ...

Agricultural Research Service rescinds order barring its scientists from contact with public

Geek Wire | 
U.S. Department of Agriculture officials have rescinded an order that barred its researchers from releasing “public-facing documents,” ranging from news releases ...
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Genes show dogs are descendants of now-extinct wolf breed

NBC News | 
The latest genetic study to trace the origins of dogs confirms the view that they were domesticated by hunter-gatherers at ...

Genomics pioneer Craig Venter warns about careless biohackers

NBC News | 
In his latest book, genetic guru J. Craig Venter envisions a brave new world where DNA can be teleported between ...

Slave descendant’s genetic quest leads to African apology

NBC News | 
African-American businessman William Holland's ancestors were subjected to slavery in Virginia — but they were handed over into slavery by ...
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Scientist find living genetic relatives of ancient iceman

NBC News | 
No next-of-kin was around to claim the frozen 5,300-year-old body of Ötzi the Iceman when it was found in the ...
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James Watson’s genetic prescription: Have kids early

NBC News | 
In his latest, potentially controversial, statement, James Watson urges parents to have kids early and chastises older parents ...

Biotech meets DIY hacker culture in Seattle

The following is an edited excerpt. Right now it's a storeroom filled to the ceiling with cardboard boxes and cast-off ...
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Hacking biotechnology: Do-it-yourself wonders and worries

NBC News | 
What happens when you mix the do-it-yourself ethos of hacker culture with the ethically and emotionally fraught landscape of biotechnology? ...

Disease-fighters disrupt mosquito’s genes with molecular scissors

NBC News | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Scientists at Virginia Tech have disrupted the genes that control eye color in mosquitoes, ...

African-American’s Y chromosome sparks shift in evolutionary timetable

NBC News | 
The following is an excerpt. Scientists say an African-American male's odd genetic signature suggests that the human Y chromosome's lineage goes back ...

Book: How synthetic biology will reinvent nature and ourselves

NBC News | 
In the future, genetically modified organisms could be making our medicines, our fuel, our housewares, our houses — and they ...

Is Elvis in your children’s DNA future? Furor develops over possible use of ‘celebrity’ genes

NBC News | 
A British artist’s plan to create a mouse with Elvis Presley’s DNA as part of a larger project to exploit ...
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What is life? Follow the bits

The debate over the definition of life is getting messier and messier, but one of the pioneers on the biochemical ...