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Why EU gene-edited crop rules may not be as ‘far-reaching’ as scientists fear

Financial Times | 
Gene editing is the biggest technical advance in bioscience since the discovery of “recombinant DNA” technology....[t]hat....led to the commercialization of ...

Scientists battle for consumer approval as crop gene-editing revolution advances

Financial Times | 
Genome, or gene, editing is regarded by scientists as the biggest technical advance in bioscience since “recombinant DNA” technology — ...
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CRISPR gene-editing technology expected to accelerate crop development

Financial Times | 
Genetically modified crops are continuing to spread across the world’s agricultural land. Last year they covered a record 185m hectares, ...

Syngenta CEO overseeing ChemChina merger believes introducing GMOs to Europe near hopeless

Financial Times | 
[Erik Fyrwald, Syngenta’s current CEO], joined Syngenta in 2016, after many years in senior management with US-based chemical companies, most ...
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Growth in GMO seed industry will come from yield-boosting traits, expansion into wheat, rice crops

Financial Times | 
...[G]lobal planting of GM crops declined slightly in 2015, after two decades of rapid growth.... The markets for the crops ...

DNA transfer in human eggs prevents disease

Financial Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Scientists have for the first time transferred DNA between human eggs. The success at Newcastle ...
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Brain-net: Telepathic mice first step in creation of biological computer

Financial Times | 
Using neurotechnology, scientists have created rats that can communicate telepathically across continents. Some neuroscientists think the experiments could lead to ...

Barking up the right GM tree? Transgenic trees could make better timber

FT Magazine | 
Although genetically modified crops such as cereals and cotton continue to attract much scientific and political attention, there has been ...