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Vaccines appear less effective against virulently mutating COVID strains spreading through UK and South Africa

Vaccines appear less effective against virulently mutating COVID strains spreading through UK and South Africa

Clive Cookson, Sebastian Payne | 
News that the B.1.1.7 [UK COVID] variant is evolving further mutations is worrying scientists, said Julian Tang, clinical virologist at ...

‘Ecocide’? Green groups blast France for lifting neonicotinoid pesticide ban to save sugar-beet growers

Victor Mallet | 
France has moved to reverse a ban on a class of pesticides only weeks after it came into force, reigniting ...
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First experimental vaccine for coronavirus ready for human testing

Hannah Kuchler | 
Moderna has become the first company to release a potential coronavirus vaccine, with the Boston-based biotech start-up announcing on Monday ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna opposes germline-editing moratorium: ‘We’re going to have to figure it out’

Hannah Kuchler | 
Jennifer Doudna wears her responsibility lightly. The scientist who co-discovered Crispr does not appear to be weighed down by the ...
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Alternative meat producers struggle to secure supply of yellow peas as demand for plant-based burger skyrockets

Emiko Terazono | 
The soaring popularity of plant-based meat substitutes has shone a spotlight on a new star ingredient: the humble pea. From ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Tyson Foods ends investment in plant-based protein startup Beyond Meat

Emiko Terazono | 
Tyson Foods, the US meat producer, has exited its investment in Beyond Meat, the alternative protein company which is due ...
VegNews Gavel

Why EU gene-edited crop rules may not be as ‘far-reaching’ as scientists fear

Clive Cookson | 
Gene editing is the biggest technical advance in bioscience since the discovery of “recombinant DNA” technology....[t]hat....led to the commercialization of ...

Scientists battle for consumer approval as crop gene-editing revolution advances

Clive Cookson, Emiko Terazono | 
Genome, or gene, editing is regarded by scientists as the biggest technical advance in bioscience since “recombinant DNA” technology — ...

Diagnostics, drug discovery, disease: How CRISPR is solving medicine’s biggest problems

Anjana Ahuja | 
This is the public face of genome editing or, as it is sometimes called, gene editing: a technology capable of ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

McDonald’s eyes lab-grown meat as food, agricultural companies aim to cut environmental impact

The world’s biggest purchaser of beef is watching the plant-based meat market. “Plant-based protein is something we’re keeping an eye ...

Viewpoint: Chemical-free gardening is a myth

Robin Fox | 
So-called “nature” is teeming with chemicals, in soil, in plants, in rain and not only in nettles. Chemical-free gardening is ...
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Human testing on beta thalassemia patients: CRISPR readied for next milestone as early as this year

David Crow | 
[R]esearchers demonstrated how a gene editing technique, known as Crispr-Cas9, could be used to edit living human cells, raising the ...

Fast-growing AquaBounty salmon could pave way for more genetically modified animals

Jennifer Thompson | 
When it was revealed over the summer that genetically modified salmon was now being sold in Canada, the backlash from ...
Screen Shot at AM

CRISPR gene-editing technology expected to accelerate crop development

Clive Cookson | 
Genetically modified crops are continuing to spread across the world’s agricultural land. Last year they covered a record 185m hectares, ...

Why ChemChina’s Syngenta takeover doesn’t mean China will quickly embrace GMO crops

Lucy Hornby | 
The head of one of China’s biggest chemicals companies has played down expectations the country will become more open to ...
monsanto logo

Monsanto glyphosate lobbyists barred from EU parliament

Madison Marriage, Rochelle Toplensky | 
[Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)] have decided to bar lobbyists for Monsanto, the US agrochemical company, from the European ...

Syngenta CEO overseeing ChemChina merger believes introducing GMOs to Europe near hopeless

Clive Cookson | 
[Erik Fyrwald, Syngenta’s current CEO], joined Syngenta in 2016, after many years in senior management with US-based chemical companies, most ...
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‘Crop of the century’: How GM soybeans unseated ‘king corn’ in the US—with help from China

[Editor's note: 78 percent (91.4 million hectares) of the world's soybean acreage, is genetically modified.] With planting almost complete, soybeans are ...
mosquito dengue

Evolution could push back against CRISPR gene editing of insects to stop Zika and malaria

Anjana Ahuja | 
Research published [May 2017] suggests that gene editing, a revolutionary cut-and-paste technology that allows bespoke adjustments to an organism’s genome, ...

Promoting ‘genomic literacy’ could bridge gap between scientists and public

Gillian Tett | 
[Editor's note: Gillian Tett is the US managing editor of the Financial Times.] As I toured one of the laboratories ...
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Growth in GMO seed industry will come from yield-boosting traits, expansion into wheat, rice crops

Clive Cookson | 
...[G]lobal planting of GM crops declined slightly in 2015, after two decades of rapid growth.... The markets for the crops ...

Cargill to offer Non-GMO certified sugar, sunflower oil and sweetener

Gregory Meyer | 
Cargill, one of the world’s biggest wholesale food suppliers, has bowed to consumer trends... The US company handles millions of ...

Cultural status of corn threatens approval of GMOs in Mexico

Jude Webber | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . . [A]ctivists ...

Genes of benefit for athletic training response identified

Charles Wallace | 
There has long been a debate among doctors, scientists and psy­chologists about whether nature or nurture is more important in ...

Spending a day with biotech pioneer Edwin Southern

Ben Martynoga | 
A knock at the cottage door yields no answer. A light is on, but nobody seems to be home. Down ...

Finanical Times editorial: Europe is right to be cautious over GM crops

Monsanto, the US agricultural group, has abandoned its decade-long bid for permission to grow a range of genetically modified crops ...

DNA transfer in human eggs prevents disease

Clive Cookson | 
The following is an excerpt. Scientists have for the first time transferred DNA between human eggs. The success at Newcastle ...
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Brain-net: Telepathic mice first step in creation of biological computer

Clive Cookson | 
Using neurotechnology, scientists have created rats that can communicate telepathically across continents. Some neuroscientists think the experiments could lead to ...
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