Viewpoint: Chemical-free gardening is a myth


So-called “nature” is teeming with chemicals, in soil, in plants, in rain and not only in nettles. Chemical-free gardening is a total myth. All plants depend on drawing up chemical elements from moisture in the soil.

Chemical companies are not out to kill us and our gardens. Their research is extremely finely tuned and without it, there would not be many tomatoes left in commerce or citrus crops left alive. I was recently in Florida, expecting to enjoy the scent of orange trees wherever I cycled. There was none. The trees had all been killed by pests that not even Monsanto could control.

Genetic modification is another potential godsend. It has not led to fabled super invaders. If somebody could modify carrots so that they never succumbed to carrot fly, I would crown them. As for organic gardening, it is a fuzzy muddle. If you register as a grower of organic vegetables, you will be surprised by the list of chemicals you are allowed to use without losing organic status. The word is vacuous. It does not mean that shoppers are buying chemical-free vegetables in supermarkets. If they were chemical-free, they would never have grown in the first place.


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