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Here’s what happened when a promising clinical trial for depression was halted

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Many clinical trials never actually go to completion, however the preliminary results may be promising. What can we get out ...

Has the Age of Genomics been oversold?

BuzzFeed | 
We live in an age of hype. But the overselling of the Age of Genomics — the hype about the ...

Has Big Genomics lived up to its hype?

BuzzFeed | 
“Success in sight: The eyes have it!” Thus the scientific journal Gene Therapy greeted the news, in 2008, that an experimental treatment was restoring ...
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Reporter David Dobbs revises ‘selfish gene’ coverage under fire

Neuron Culture | 
After a controversial article on the Selfish Gene Theory provoked sharp criticism, science writer David Dobbs revised his article and ...

FDA v. personal genetic testing

New Yorker | 
The United States Food and Drug Administration is not known for its prose. So the warning letter that it sent ...

How personal genomics is like Michelangelo’s David

Slate | 
Personal genomics is awash in stories of genetic discoveries that turned out to be weak or wrong, yet the field ...

The social life of genes

Pacific Standard | 
Scientists have known for decades that genes can vary their level of activity, as if controlled by dimmer switches. Most ...

Embrace your genome

Wired | 
Virginia Hughes is “sick of reading about the dangers of the genome.” So she complains over at Slate, eloquently, and I’m ...

Restless genes: how the human compulsion to explore is a defining part of human success

National Geographic | 
What drove us out from Africa and on to the moon and beyond? If an urge to explore rises in us ...