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‘Stop conflating all biotechnology with genetic engineering’: The case for more refined USDA regulations

‘Stop conflating all biotechnology with genetic engineering’: The case for more refined USDA regulations

Sarah Garland | 
Policymakers had known for years that the U.S. regulation of crop biotechnology was out of date, and by 2016, discussions ...
goat DNA

Beyond GM crops: Climate-friendly sheep and biofactory goats expand horizons of genetic engineering

Céline Deluzarche | 
If GMO plants now occupy 11% of cultivated areas in the world, only one genetically modified animal is currently authorized ...
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Podcast: Science writer Michael Specter on what you should know about the coronavirus, food security and GMOs

Felix Salmon, Michael Specter | 
Science writer, New Yorker contributor and author of the book Denialism Michael Specter joins Felix Salmon on the Slate Money ...
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Promises and pitfalls of treating aging like a disease

Joelle Renstrom | 
Over the years, the movement to classify aging as a disease has gained momentum not only from longevity enthusiasts but ...
flu vaccine

Viewpoint: China’s coronavirus is getting all the attention, but this year’s flu season is more frightening

Matthew Davis | 
What we appear to be having this year is a flu-the-trickster season. And while that new coronavirus is getting a lot of attention, ...
feedingcompetition kateshaw

Was Darwin wrong about ‘survival of the fittest’? Collaboration may be just as natural as competition

John Favini | 
To put it simply, we have let Darwinism set the horizon of possibility for human behavior. Competition has become a ...
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‘Genome doping’: Gene-edited babies could change the world of athletics

With the taboo on human gene editing in the process of being shattered, children whose genomes have been modified before ...
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Viewpoint: Legal crusade against Bayer’s Roundup herbicide threatens fish and wildlife

Ted Williams | 
You’ve seen the ads flooding television and social media: “Have you been exposed to weed killer Roundup? If you have ...
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Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s obsession with scientists: ‘He collects beautiful minds’

Daniel Engber | 
As the New York Times reported [July 31], [Jeffrey] Epstein’s “passion for cutting-edge science” at times verged into eugenics. Multiple ...
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‘The numbers’ tell us that anti-vaxxers may not be to blame for recent measles outbreaks

Daniel Engber | 
On June 5, the number of measles cases in the U.S. this year passed 1,000, a milestone the country last ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Astrology-style answers’ show the darker side of consumer genetic tests

Jane Hu | 
[T]he same thing that drives some people toward astrology drives others toward mail-in test kits: People want to learn more ...
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Podcast: Is the ‘bliss gene’ real?

Maria Konnikova, Mike Pesca | 
In the interview, Maria Konnikova is back for another round of “Is That Bullshit?” Because Mike experiences less anxiety than ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat may hinder effort to develop a ‘just food future’

Christy Spackman | 
At the 2019 Milken Global Conference, which brings together business and public policy leaders to explore how market-based solutions could ...
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‘Crisis-level precautions’: How hospitals fight new era of superbugs

Molly Olmstead | 
[Superbug Candida auris can] survive for weeks outside a patient—on sinks and mattresses, door knobs and bedside tables. To eradicate ...
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Viewpoint: No, we don’t need a moratorium on germline gene editing

G. Owen Schaefer | 
Should researchers put the brakes on genetically engineering babies? Leading scientists and ethicists recently called for a moratorium on clinical applications of germline ...
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Fears of gene editing in the US could be stoked by Russian disinformation attacks

Jesse Kirkpatrick, Michael FLynn | 
[There’s a] risk to gene drive research that has flown under the radar. This threat combines legitimate concerns about the ...

Should we strive to engineer better humans?

Phil Torres | 
While proposals like cognitive or moral enhancements to help create a less doomsday-prone population are quite speculative (and on occasion, ...
WALKER Crowdfunding x

Artificial intelligence could manage our health. But can we trust it?

W. Nicholson Price II | 
In May, [startup Beta Bionics] received Food and Drug Administration approval to start clinical trials on what it calls a “bionic pancreas ...
Study Finds Cheerios Oats Other Breakfast Foods May Contain Weed Killer

Roundup for breakfast? Checking the math on claims that glyphosate infects breakfast foods

Susan Matthews | 
No one wants .... to give their children a breakfast that is contaminated with weed killer. That’s why a new ...
Does glyphosate cause cancer? Jury says says 'yes' but years of research show the herbicide is safe

Does glyphosate cause cancer? Jury says says ‘yes’ but years of research show the herbicide is safe

Guy André Pelouze | 
Can anyone make sense of the debate over glyphosate, the active molecule in the most widely used herbicide [Roundup] in ...

Don’t expect ‘instantaneous eureka moment’ in search for alien life

J.P. Nelson | 
From War of the Worlds and Arrival to SETI and Stephen Hawking, both pop culture and scientists feed the expectation that the discovery of extraterrestrial life will ...

Viewpoint: Here’s why the controversial field of epigenetics is ‘so alluring’

Erika Hayasaki | 
I think of stories I’ve been told about my grandmother in 1945 Japan. … It feels plausible, and poetic, to ...

Viewpoint: It’s time to stop ‘connecting race to intelligence’

William Saletan | 
The race-and-IQ debate is back. The latest round started a few weeks ago when Harvard geneticist David Reich wrote a ...
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Viewpoint: Population declines are a greater crisis than extinctions

Henry Grabar | 
Forget extinctions. Population decline is a much greater crisis. ... We watch for extinctions like those with the thought that, ...

Viewpoint: Exercise can be as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression. So why do US doctors push pills?

Scott Douglas | 
Here’s the most important thing I learned while writing a book on running and mental health: In clinical studies, regular ...

DNA dating pseudoscience: Why you can’t find true love based on genetic compatibility

Rachelle Hampton | 
Described by Wired as “a sort of 23andMe meets Tinder meets monogamists,” Pheramor’s secret to success is your DNA. That’s right—for ...
husky white blue eyes dog photograph blue eyes

Why Huskies have blue eyes—and why it might matter for understanding human diseases

Alex Barasch | 
[A] new study may help salvage the [direct-to-consumer genomics] field by turning to a previously untapped pool of subjects: dogs ...

What do zombie movies tell us about our changing attitudes towards science?

Emily Zarka | 
There is no better barometer of the values and fears of our society than the monsters our culture creates... What ...
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