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Regulate GMO and gene-edited livestock based on product not process, experts say

Agri-Pulse | 
A bevy of remedies may be needed to ensure American farm productivity keeps growing at the clip it has for more ...

Will the noxious public debate over GMOs turn consumers against gene-edited crops?

Agri-Pulse | 
Americans are easily riled about genetically modifying crops, animals and foods, even though research indicates they know little about how ...
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Virus-resistant CRISPR pigs could save pork producers $600 million per year

Agri-Pulse | 
To pig farmer Thomas Titus, new scientific techniques could bring better disease resistance for his herd, saving baby pigs and potentially ...
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For sale in Canada, genetically engineered salmon delayed by politics in US

Agri-Pulse | 
A trivia question for American food shoppers: AquAdvantage, the genetically engineered Atlantic salmon being sold in Canada, is available in ...
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Gene editing: How breeders use CRISPR and TALEN to improve crops, livestock

Agri-Pulse | 
Animal and plant breeders are trying out a set of powerful new tools which have the potential to revolutionize agricultural ...
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Public embrace of CRISPR gene editing key to future of agriculture

Agri-Pulse | 
The process of producing food, protecting the environment, and improving animal health is advancing at a seemingly breakneck pace. These ...
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