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How ‘minor insults to the brain’ could fuel Alzheimer’s

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When it comes to the perpetrator of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the finger of blame has long pointed to hard deposits ...
Energy Drinks

Ditch energy drinks? High doses of vitamin B supplements could raise cancer risks

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A report published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that male smokers who took high dose vitamin B6 and B12 supplements – ...
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Aging breakthrough? Pruning old cells rejuvenates bone density in mice – could osteoporosis drugs be next?

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Several studies have shown that pruning away old, inactive senescent cells can do wonders for aged mice, restoring their bald patches, strengthening ...

Lawyer’s 20-year mission to deny human gene patents succeeds in Australia, US

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Luigi Palombi’s desk was ...

Both sides of the GMO food fight are fighting for the same ends

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On either side of the GMO fight, you find combatants in fierce agreement about the right of all people to ...

Food and Chemical Toxicology’s bungled handling of Séralini publication fiasco permanently damaged biotech movement

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The apology from Food and Chemical Toxicology over its handling of French scientist Gilles-Éric Séralini’s now retracted paper purportedly showing ...
GM wheat

Scientists turn to GM wheat to avert potential global crisis

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Rising populations, new diseases and climate change threaten the wheat yields that sustain much of the planet. But, scientists have ...

Australian perspective on Seralini affair

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By now, you may have heard that eating genetically modified (GM) corn causes cancer. That alarming news is based on ...