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5-22-2019 x

Meet the new generation of young biotech entrepreneurs

Forbes | 
Crispr had no obvious relevance to human health when it was first described in 1987, but [Jennifer] Doudna, who won ...

DNA sequencing as standard preventative care. Are we there yet?

Forbes | 
Geisinger doctors will soon start offering patients DNA sequencing as part of routine preventative care, the Danville, Pennsylvania-based health system's ...
Conoce el sexo del bebe

PGD–preimplantation genetic diagnosis–dramatically increases disease prevention

Business Insider | 
Preventing disease is a standard goal of medicine. But a new technology takes it farther than we normally do by preventing ...

Scientists say IARC fumbled glyphosate carcinogenic determination

Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, joined the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s list of things that “probably” cause cancer on Friday, March 20th ...