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tailandia entra en la carrera por vacunas contra el coronavirus scaled

Viewpoint: Just one COVID-19 vaccine is not enough to win the war. We need an army

Japan Times | 
Scientists have created more than 70 vaccine candidates so far. “If we end up with two, three, or four vaccines, ...

Will CRISPR work in people? Scientists say study raises questions, but is not a setback

Bloomberg | 
It can feel shocking when someone disparages a golden person, thing or technology — and in recent years, no emerging ...
Screen Shot at AM

How will CRISPR be deployed in the battle against weeds?

Bloomberg | 
[Editor's Note: Weeds are one of the biggest threats to crops. Farmers use more weed killer than any other kind ...

Human inventions may impact and change our genes over time

Bloomberg | 
Of all living things, why do humans alone create advanced technology? A clue comes from a recent paper on a ...

Proposed New York bill misguided attack on GMOs, vaccines

Forbes | 
In a bizarre juxtaposition of irrational fears, a New York State legislator has introduced a bill to ban GMOs in ...
child cellphone medium idge

No scientific basis behind claims that Wi-Fi signals cause cancer

Forbes | 
Last week, several media outlets including ran with an alarming-if-true story that equated the low frequency radiation emitted by Wi-Fi ...

Questions about the 7000-year-old dark-skinned, blue-eyed hunter

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
On Jan 26, a paper in Nature detailed the results of sequencing a 7000-year-old skeleton of an ancient hunter-gatherer from ...
Hey Paul Studios

Science reporters fail to dig deep enough on male v. female brain story

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
The media went nuts over the recent brain scanning study saying men and women differ when it comes to spatial ...

Uncritical “reporting” follows press release claiming earthly life came from Mars

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
Last week, researcher Steve Benner announced at a conference in Florence that a new analysis of Martian meteorites and some ...

Deconstructing Nature’s “plant without junk DNA” story

The following is an edited excerpt of a longer story. A paper released in Nature this week had all the elements of ...
rainbow DNA

Re-evaluating the junk DNA discovery

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
Over the last few days, several interesting blog posts and pieces have cast doubt on those front-page claims that our ...

Seeing color traced back to genetic mutations

Phys Org | 
Why do we see the colors we do? Some of it goes back to the types of color-absorbing pigments that ...
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