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Time Magazine’s coverage of glyphosate-cancer trial is ‘crying out for balance,’ biologist says

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TIME magazine has a story on DeWayne ‘Lee’ Johnston who took Monsanto to court claiming RoundUp caused his non-Hodgkin lymphoma ...
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In wake of California jury’s glyphosate verdict, New Zealand likely won’t revisit conclusion that herbicide is safe

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A lot has been said about a recent court case ruling about Monsanto’s Roundup ..... Adding to the mix, in ...
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Should it matter if the public is wary of gene editing and human enhancement?

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A survey of people in the US and 10 European nations found opposition to some forms of gene editing for ...
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Scientists say Séralini’s latest GM corn study contained faulty experimental design

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Editor's Note: This article discusses a study published in Scientific Reports entitled "An integrated multi-omics analysis of the NK603 Roundup-tolerant GM maize ...
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In New Zealand, dramatic public shift in favor of GMOs

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. From 2001 to 2014 ...