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Impossible Foods cuts prices 15% as new competitors enter plant-based meat market

Wall Street Journal | 
Makers of plant-based meat alternatives are cutting prices, as startups compete with food-industry giants for slices of the rapidly growing ...
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US meat industry goes to ‘war’ against Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Wall Street Journal | 
On a rainy September morning, a pair of cattle ranchers browsed the refrigerated meat cases at a Walmart Inc. store ...
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Marketing stunt? Some restaurants sell Impossible, Beyond Burgers without telling customers they’re meat free

Wall Street Journal | 
How do you get die-hard meat eaters to try a plant-based burger? You trick them. The rise of meatless meat ...

Food fight: Plant-based burgers stir debate over claims of nutritional advantages versus beef

Wall Street Journal | 
Plant-based burger makers say their products are better for the planet than beef. Whether they are better for consumers’ health ...
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Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat can’t keep up with demand for plant-based burgers

Wall Street Journal | 
Fast-food restaurants are rushing to add meat-free burgers to their menus, hoping these higher-priced alternatives will help them capture additional ...
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Genetic screening of cows could help ease milk drinkers’ indigestion

Fox Business | 
Dairy makers are hoping puréed fruit and genetically screened cows can help win back consumers who have soured on milk ...
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House passes GMO labeling bill, President expected to sign it in current form

Wall Street Journal | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In a victory for ...