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Man’s best friend: Evolutionary history of dogs could shed light on cancer, epilepsy in both species

Independent | 
An evolutionary tree of more than 161 dog breeds has been mapped out by geneticists, showing which types are closely ...
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Unreliable science? Scores of mice studies may be tainted because of standard handling practice

Independent | 
Scores of scientific studies based on mice are being called into question because their behaviour is affected by the way ...

Will gene editing lead to ‘biohackers’ creating biological weapons?

Independent | 
The security services are concerned that ‘biohackers’ — groups of ordinary people who use genome editing techniques to alter lifeforms ...
father bonding with baby

Lead discoverer of ‘three-parent baby’ method breaks 13 year silence—affrms technique’s safety

Independent | 
When scientists announced in 2003 they had used a pioneering technique for the first time to create so-called ‘three-parent babies’, ...
Leonardo da Vinci man and DNA on the white background Stock Vector

Cracking the da Vinci code: Scientists, historians on quest to sequence artist’s DNA

Independent | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It is a 500-year-old ...

European experts say glyphosate cancer warning not grounded in science

Independent | 
It is described as the world’s safest pesticide, used so pervasively that it shows up in human breast milk and ...

DNA tests show Elvis Presley prone to obesity and heart disease

Independent | 
Elvis Presley may have died because of genetic conditions that made him prone to obesity and heart disease - rather ...
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