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DNA tests show Elvis Presley prone to obesity and heart disease

| | March 26, 2014

Elvis Presley may have died because of genetic conditions that made him prone to obesity and heart disease – rather than his lifestyle, according to a new documentary.

The Channel 4 programme Dead Famous DNA analysed samples of hair said to have belonged to the singing legend and found genes linked to several medical conditions.

Apart from obesity and heart disease, they also found genes associated with migraines and glaucoma. Presley, who died at the age of 42, is known to have had an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and bad eyesight.

“For years, Elvis has been blamed for his own death, for overeating or overdosing on drugs,” said Channel 4 presenter Mark Evans. “Both of these addictions wouldn’t have helped. But it seemed Elvis had a flaw in his DNA.”

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