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Oyster crackers deception: Dissecting Westminster Bakers’ Non-GMO label scam

Blog | 
[Editor's note: James Cooper holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Ohio State University.] So what does that mean for oyster ...
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Are GMO producers engaged in a ‘tobacco science’-like coverup?

Blog | 
One of the popular slogans of anti-GMO protesters has been that there is a “cover-up” going on by GMO seed ...

Boycotting companies that backed GMO labeling compromise is hypocritical

Blog | 
Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association lobbying group, has released a letter citing Gandhi. In it he described Gandhi leading ...
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Anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith says labeling push never about ‘right to know’

Blog | 
In a letter sent out [July 30], anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith admits what we have suspected all along. Labeling GMOs ...

Does Organic Valley’s new marketing campaign spread same old misinformation?

Blog | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The New York Times [on July ...
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Neil Young’s new anti-GMO song confuses science on Starbucks, Monsanto

Veteran rocker Neil Young, one of the founders of Farm Aid, is releasing a new album called “The Monsanto Years,” ...

Science literacy doesn’t change minds about GMOs

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
In an excellent meeting at the National Academy of Sciences last week, there was a lot of discussion of science ...

Deflating claims of oft-quoted anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
Bucolic Fairfield, Iowa is home to Genetic-ID, a company founded by John Fagan to test crops and foodstuffs for ingredients ...

Are GM seed companies engaging in ‘cigarette science’?

Jim's Kitchen Lab | 
Anti-GMO activists often like to accuse the biotech industry of conspiring a “cover up” akin to the tobacco industry’s cover-up ...

Anti-GMO bill puts Connecticut in scientific ‘Hall of Shame’

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy celebrated the signing of Connecticut’s bill that could eventually require the labeling of foods containing GMO ...

Greenpeace continues to resort to ecoterrorism and publicity stunts

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
On August 8th, Greenpeace activists descended on a test plot of Golden Rice in the Philippines and ripped up the ...

GMO Free Connecticut spouts myths and misinformation at library talk

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
The following is an excerpt. Tara Cook-Littman and Christine O’Day of GMO Free Connecticut gave a presentation titled “Genetically Modified Organisms: Are ...

Does the ‘GMO Crop Protection Act’ actually matter?

Huliq | 
The following is an excerpt. [The resolution says that] if there is some suspicion that a regulated plant might be ...

Anti-GMO hoax targets Kaiser-Permanente health group

Fairfield County Food Examiner | 
Last night, a large number of web sites proudly announced that the Kaiser-Permanente health group had advised its subscribers to ...
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