Boycotting companies that backed GMO labeling compromise is hypocritical

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Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association lobbying group, has released a letter citing Gandhi. In it he described Gandhi leading a salt tax boycott by illegalliy gathering salt . . . at the seaside.

Now,  he says the recently signed bill S.764- National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard  is a cop-out . . .

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The bill . . . allows foods to be labeled with text, a QR code or a phone number where consumers can get . . . information including which ingredients are produced by genetic engineering.

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. . . . Cummins proposes to compare himself to Gandhi and launch a. . . “buycott…[to] reject brands owned by corporations that lobbied against GMO labeling.”

And this is the best part. The way you join in this “buycott” is to download an app to your smart phone that allows you to scan product barcodes. . . and find out if they are produced by companies that support this bill.

Do you get this? . . . [T]he OCA opposed this . . . bill because you had to scan a QR code. But it’s OK to use an app the OCA has had created to find out which products not to buy. . . .

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  • Larkin Curtis Hannah

    I almost find this comical since the ones who would boycott GMO foods buy organic stuff anyway. What in the world do they think they will accomplish? Let them waste their time on this non-productive exercise. For the antis, it is par for the course.

    • Good4U

      I agree, but frankly, I will use the QR code to help me assess which products TO buy, i.e. those which do contain biotechnically modified crop and livestock commodities. I’ve always been a positive person, so when I see the “non-GMO project” label on a product I put it back on the shelf. Furthermore, I always fill out the customer survey forms, so I always make it a point to the store management that I do not want any “organic” or “non-GMO” junk in my grocery cart.

      • Larkin Curtis Hannah

        Good points

      • Allen Greenwood

        Completely agree. I was quite disappointed when I could not find GMO corn, here in GMO Corn Heaven. I cannot for the life of me figure out how putting a label on this will help anyone – except to add costs.

  • agscienceliterate

    Irony among the organic and non-GMO activists gets better every day.

    • Farmer with a Dell

      Losers. These organic zealots are some of the most ungraceful losers ever. Lashing out with impotent threats of boycotts, as if their little cult has any impact on any market of significance. After more than 20 years of farting around marketing their pathetic organic schlock by de-marketing mainstream food, they’ve not achieved even a 1% conversion of arable farm land to organic, nor have they achieved even 5% of the U.S. food market by value (and that nasty grubby organic stuff is 2X the price of good abundant safe affordable food). Losers, always were, always will be.

      • agscienceliterate

        Yeah, this was always clearly a “my way or the highway” kind of thing.

      • Joe

        organic zealots are right who the hell wants to eat non labeled food? we are supposed to life in America not communism

        • Farmer with a Dell

          What have organic zealots ever been “right” about? They have virtually no market share. Their products have no unique features or benefits. Their ridiculous environmental claims for organic are now being debunked. It’s looking like organic zealots have never been “right” about anything. Ever.

          • agscienceliterate

            They are “right” about making it clear that they are wanting more market share and more money. Very clear.
            And Joe is correct about one thing — they are indeed zealots.