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Who let the dogs out: When and how were dogs first domesticated?

Who let the dogs out: When and how were dogs first domesticated?

Ars Technica | 
We still don’t know exactly when or where dog domestication first happened; it already had a pretty complex history by ...

Even small villages were ravaged by Black Death, mass grave in the UK shows

Ars Technica | 
Archaeologists recently excavated a mass burial of at least 48 men, women, and children on the grounds of a medieval ...
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Extra copies of Denisovan, Neanderthal DNA helped humans adapt to ancient environments

Ars Technica | 
University of Washington geneticist PingHsun Hsieh and his colleagues found Neanderthal and Denisovan versions of some genes in the genomes ...

DNA found in 10,000-year-old ‘chewing gum’ sheds light on ancient Sweden

Ars Technica | 
In the 1990s, archaeologists recovered a few chewed-up lumps of birch bark pitch, some of which still held fingerprints and ...
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Glimpse into enslaved woman’s life offered by DNA found in clay pipe at Maryland plantation

Ars Technica | 
Clay pipes used for smoking were so common in the 1700s and 1800s that it’s not very remarkable to find ...
archaeologists find year old tools in desert of Saudi Arabia

300,000-year-old stone tools found in Saudi Arabian desert could shed light on human migration out of Africa

Ars Technica | 
Stone tools unearthed in Saudi Arabia’s inhospitable Nefud Desert indicate that members of our genus Homo had ventured beyond the ...

Diagnosing deadly medieval fever epidemics through ancient DNA

Ars Technica | 
Many epidemics of fever ravaged Europe from ancient times through the early 20th century. But one disease stands out in ...
px Prehistoric Tools Les Combarelles Les Eyzies de Tayac MNP

Stone tool evolution study illuminates early human development

Ars Technica | 
For at least 2.6 million years, humans and our ancestors have been making stone tools by chipping off flakes of ...

Ecological vanishing act: African rainforests disappeared, then bounced back

Ars Technica | 
Three thousand years ago, dense old-growth rainforests covered most of central Africa. But around 2,600 years ago, an event that ...
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What happened to the native Caribbeans? Ancient DNA could solve mystery

Ars Technica | 
The Bahamas weren’t settled until 1,500 years ago. The people who settled there are known as the Lucayan Taino, and ...
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