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Why are humans one of the few species in which fathers play an ongoing role in child-rearing?

Why are humans one of the few species in which fathers play an ongoing role in child-rearing?

Elizabeth Preston | 
Male mountain gorillas don’t seem to know or care which young are theirs. But nearly all males tolerate the company ...

Recreational fear: Why some of us like scary movies and haunted houses

Jennifer Ouellette | 
[We] tend to seek out scary movies, horror novels, or haunted houses—and not just during the Halloween season. This tendency ...
Who let the dogs out: When and how were dogs first domesticated?

Who let the dogs out: When and how were dogs first domesticated?

Kiona Smith | 
We still don’t know exactly when or where dog domestication first happened; it already had a pretty complex history by ...

Trust in scientists high globally, Pew survey finds, but public still skeptical of GM crops

John Timmer | 
The good news is that there’s widespread trust in scientists and a strong desire to act on their findings on ...
zuckerberg kennedy

Anti-vax conspiracy promoter Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sues Facebook claiming fact-checking is censorship

Katie Cox | 
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed suit [August 18] in federal court in California alleging that Facebook's fact-checking program for false ...
stem cell tourism

Stem cell tourism: Shady treatments are being offered–even in the United States

John Timmer | 
[W]e're just starting clinical trials to determine if we can use [stem] cells effectively. But that hasn't stopped people from ...
How the Hobbit films illustrate the way human brains evolved

How the Hobbit films illustrate the way human brains evolved

Jennifer Ouellette | 
For Northwestern University neuroscientist and engineer Malcolm MacIver, [a scene from the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey where Gandalf and Bilbo ...

FDA shuts down sales of homeopathic shots containing toxic lead, mercury, strychnine

Beth Mole | 
[The FDA cracked down] on four homeopathic companies selling injectable products said to contain highly toxic substances, including lead, mercury, ...
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Why space travel demands a well-stocked cosmic pharmacy

Troy Farah | 
In space, no one can hear you sneeze. But if an astronaut does catch the flu, it can be a ...
coronavirus us closures exlarge

An essential but ‘disturbing’ question: What if coronavirus is here for good?

John Timmer | 
Most of the optimistic ideas about what to do about SARS-CoV-2 involve engineering the virus's extinction. We could ramp up ...
cdc building file full

‘Sloppy’ CDC lab practices blamed for tainted coronavirus tests in early stages of pandemic

Beth Mole | 
As the new coronavirus took root across America, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent states tainted test ...

Turning thoughts to text with brain implants and artificial intelligence

John Timmer | 
For people with limited use of their limbs, speech recognition can be critical for their ability to operate a computer ...
screenshot did the coronavirus get more deadly the death rate explained

Worst-case scenario for coronavirus deaths ‘imperfect and has to rely on a number of assumptions’

John Timmer | 
On Monday [March 16], the COVID-19 Response Team at Imperial College London released a report that describes its efforts to ...

Even small villages were ravaged by Black Death, mass grave in the UK shows

Kiona Smith | 
Archaeologists recently excavated a mass burial of at least 48 men, women, and children on the grounds of a medieval ...
lab grown meat

Once focused on vegan burgers, alt-protein industry sets sights on grain- and cell-based chicken, steak

Emiko Terazono | 
After four years as a biomedical engineer specializing in 3D printing of tissue and organs in Barcelona, Giuseppe Scionti had ...
old woman

This is your brain on horror movies

Jennifer Ouellette | 
When we watch horror movies, our brains are hard at work, with lots of interconnected cross-talk between different regions to ...
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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop under fire again for ‘exploiting health issues in order to make money’

Beth Mole | 
Gwyneth Paltrow’s contextual commerce company Goop is still making more than a dozen false and misleading health claims about the ...
bd yeast

Re-engineering yeast to create biofuel appears possible, ‘but the effort involved is intimidating’

John Timmer | 
A little while ago, we covered the idea of using photovoltaic materials to drive enzymatic reactions in order to produce specific chemicals ...
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Stepping in Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series promotes ‘junk science, gibberish and unproven health claims’, says microbiologist

Beth Mole | 
In the third episode of Goop's Netflix series, a female guest remarks that we women are seen as "very dangerous ...
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‘Connecticut vampire’s’ identity revealed through genetic analysis of remains

Jennifer Ouellette | 
Back in 1990, children playing near a gravel pit in Griswold, Connecticut, stumbled across a pair of skulls that had broken ...
image a

‘Grandmother hypothesis’ may explain why killer whales and humans evolved menopause

Cathleen O'Grady | 
There's a rare human trait that doesn't often make it into debates about what makes our species unique: menopause. Humans ...
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‘Eye of Sauron’: Man’s strange eyes linked to rare genetic condition

Beth Mole | 
Doctors in Texas came face to face with a dark, spine-tingling eye that looked rimmed by flames—or, as they calmly ...

Chinese scientists may have figured out how to attack the protein created by Huntington’s damaged gene

John Timmer | 
Huntington's disease is caused by a dominant mutation, meaning that anyone who inherits it will develop the disease. ... Despite ...
unnamed file

Extra copies of Denisovan, Neanderthal DNA helped humans adapt to ancient environments

Kiona Smith | 
University of Washington geneticist PingHsun Hsieh and his colleagues found Neanderthal and Denisovan versions of some genes in the genomes ...
how a body can get drunk without consuming any alcohol web x

The man who was always drunk, but never drank alcohol: Scientists unwrap the mystery of ‘auto-brewery syndrome’

Beth Mole | 
After years of inexplicably getting drunk without drinking alcohol, having mood swings and bouts of aggression, landing a DWI charge ...

Reversal of fortune for ‘failed’ Alzheimer’s drug? Biogen now seeking FDA approval, based on new test data

Beth Mole | 
An experimental treatment for Alzheimer's disease is headed to the Food and Drug Administration for approval—despite the fact that it ...

Medieval Europe’s devastating Black Death was caused by just two strains of the disease

Jennifer Ouellette | 
The Black Death ravaged medieval Western Europe, wiping out roughly one-third of the population. Now researchers have traced the genetic ...
lunchyhealth x

Man with at least 17 children sues fertility clinic for being ‘incredibly irresponsible’ with his sperm

Beth Mole | 
An Oregon doctor filed a $5.25 million lawsuit [October 2] against a fertility clinic at the Oregon Health & Science ...
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