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4-25-2019 the effects of sleep deprivation on your body x header

Why loss of sleep is ‘having a catastrophic impact on our health’

Emily Dreyfuss | 
According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, I'm doing serious damage to my health—and life—by not sleeping enough. "The decimation of sleep ...
4-9-2019 ac sqq byhl snap image

Glimpse into enslaved woman’s life offered by DNA found in clay pipe at Maryland plantation

Kiona Smith | 
Clay pipes used for smoking were so common in the 1700s and 1800s that it’s not very remarkable to find ...
3-28-2019 convohallucination

Chasing the origin of hallucinations in the brain

Jennifer Ouellette | 
People under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD often experience vivid visual hallucinations. But exactly what is happening within ...
3-24-2019 emma morton

Viewpoint: ‘Chickenpox parties’ aren’t just unnecessary—they’re incredibly dangerous

Beth Mole | 
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made headlines [March 19] after revealing in a radio interview that he had purposefully exposed his ...
gene editing

Why gene editing isn’t ready for treating human disease: It’s not ‘efficient enough’

John Timmer | 
Gene editing will likely always come with a bit of risk; when you're cutting and pasting DNA in millions of ...
1-28-2019 bo fecal transplants feat

Some of us may have ‘divine healing’ poop for treatment of gut disorders

Beth Mole | 
Scientists often seem to be on a quest for sacred chalices or sterling ammo. But a group of microbiologists has ...
eb e c b e

Video: Are biotech crops safe? A brief history of the GMO debate

John Timmer | 
Recent studies show the general public and the scientific community are deeply divided on the perceived safety of GMOs. Ars ...

‘Attack’ on masculinity? Psychology association defends new clinical guidelines for males

Beth Mole | 
The American Psychological Association is on the defensive over its newly released clinical guidance for treating boys and men, which links ...

Using stem cells to trace autism’s development to earliest days of pregnancy

John Timmer | 
Figuring out how autism starts is complicated. … [A] large international team obtained skin cells from eight autistic people and ...
black death ala

Plague genome offers clues about origins of Black Death pandemic

Diana Gitig | 
Yersinia pestis, the subject of [Barbara Bramanti’s] research, is the bacterium responsible for three bubonic plague pandemics over human history ...
adhd Brad Wilson a f b b d ea d

Searching for the genetic links to ADHD risk

Cathleen O'Grady | 
If you have ADHD, chances are higher that your siblings do, too. Estimates differ as to how strong the connection ...

Missing data? African study shows why we need to expand the human reference genome

Cathleen O'Grady | 
The human genome sequence, first published in 2001, has some important information missing. The latest version of it, called GRCh38, ...
night owl

Does being a night owl increase breast cancer risk?

Cathleen O'Grady | 
A paper presented at the National Cancer Research Institute [November 5] has made for some flashy headlines, like this confident declaration from India’s Economic Times: ...

Can llamas give us a universal flu vaccine?

Diana Gitig | 
Llama antibodies are different from ours. Our antibodies are a mix of two pairs of proteins, heavy and light, wrapped ...
archaeologists find year old tools in desert of Saudi Arabia

300,000-year-old stone tools found in Saudi Arabian desert could shed light on human migration out of Africa

Kiona Smith | 
Stone tools unearthed in Saudi Arabia’s inhospitable Nefud Desert indicate that members of our genus Homo had ventured beyond the ...

‘Gender-equality paradox’: Why are differences stronger in wealthier, gender-equal nations?

Cathleen O'Grady | 
In Sweden, girls are just as likely to go to school and university as boys are. Women make up a greater ...

Rats and hepatitis E: How animal diseases jump to humans

Beth Mole | 
The first known case of rat hepatitis jumping to a human patient has reopened a long-standing mystery of how the ...

Diagnosing deadly medieval fever epidemics through ancient DNA

Kiona Smith | 
Many epidemics of fever ravaged Europe from ancient times through the early 20th century. But one disease stands out in ...
alboin entering pavia

Ancient Italian cemeteries tell tales of barbarian migration

John Timmer | 
We know very little of [Longobards] or any of the other barbarian tribes that roared through Western Europe other than ...
epilepsy autism genetics neurosciencenews

Brain implants could control epileptic seizures with chemical stimulants

Jennifer Ouellette | 
People who suffer severe epileptic seizures may one day be able to control or even prevent them with an electronic ...

Pinpointing the internal clock that helps us mark the passage of time

Jennifer Ouellette | 
Manmade clocks may precisely measure time, but, from a human perspective, the passage of time is remarkably fluid. It drags ...

How math skills and a love of patterns are linked to autism

Chris Lee | 
[O]ur brain uses two modules to try to make sense of the world. One systemizes: it looks for patterns and ...

Hospital ‘superbugs’ getting better at defeating alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Beth Mole | 
Popular hand sanitizers may be heading the way of antibiotics, according to a study published this week in Science Translational Medicine ...
DjcaUB WwAEUfna

Boy almost back to normal 3 years after doctors remove large section of his brain

Beth Mole | 
A boy who had large parts of the right side of his brain removed due to a slow-growing tumor made ...
preschool x

Genes play a role in educational achievement, but not as much as your parents’ education does

John Timmer | 
What's more important, genes or environment? …The advent of genomics has given us a new perspective on the role of ...

Using gene editing to merge an organism’s chromosomes into ‘one giant molecule’

John Timmer | 
Complex organisms have complex genomes. While bacteria and archaea keep all of their genes on a single loop of DNA, ...

Why it’s difficult to declare the end of an Ebola outbreak

Beth Mole | 
The World Health Organization on [July 24] declared the official end of the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic ...
Pneumonia patient

Better than antibiotics? Bacteria-targeting viruses show potential against pneumonia

John Timmer | 
Like other cells, bacteria often find themselves victims of viral infections, dying as new viruses burst out to infect their ...