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2 experimental Ebola treatments show promise in clinical trials, boosting survival rates

Ars Technica | 
For the first time, preliminary clinical-trial results suggest that two experimental Ebola drugs can lower the death toll of the ...
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Curaleaf’s unproven claims that CBD treats cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain draws FDA warning

Ars Technica | 
The company Curaleaf claims that it has developed products that can treat a slew of the most formidable conditions found ...
probiotics may counter obesity effects on vascular function study wrbm large

Viewpoint: Why the New York Times failed with its coverage of overhyped probiotics obesity treatment

Ars Technica | 
Adding to the steaming pile of unsubstantiated hype over probiotics, the New York Times ran an uncritical article ... suggesting ...
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Tiny electric signals in the brains of comatose patients may help predict who will wake up

Ars Technica | 
Researchers may have found a way to detect inklings of consciousness in comatose and vegetative patients just days after they ...
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Fecal transplant death sparks new FDA screening precautions, pause of clinical trials

Ars Technica | 
One patient has died and another became seriously ill after fecal transplants inadvertently seeded their innards with a multi-drug resistant ...
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‘Brazen’ biohacker under investigation by California health officials for ‘genetic self-experimentation’

Ars Technica | 
Prominent genetic "biohacker" Josiah Zayner is under investigation by California state officials for practicing medicine without a license. Zayner has ...
3-24-2019 emma morton

Viewpoint: ‘Chickenpox parties’ aren’t just unnecessary—they’re incredibly dangerous

Ars Technica | 
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made headlines [March 19] after revealing in a radio interview that he had purposefully exposed his ...
1-28-2019 bo fecal transplants feat

Some of us may have ‘divine healing’ poop for treatment of gut disorders

Ars Technica | 
Scientists often seem to be on a quest for sacred chalices or sterling ammo. But a group of microbiologists has ...

‘Attack’ on masculinity? Psychology association defends new clinical guidelines for males

Ars Technica | 
The American Psychological Association is on the defensive over its newly released clinical guidance for treating boys and men, which links ...

Rats and hepatitis E: How animal diseases jump to humans

Ars Technica | 
The first known case of rat hepatitis jumping to a human patient has reopened a long-standing mystery of how the ...

Hospital ‘superbugs’ getting better at defeating alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Ars Technica | 
Popular hand sanitizers may be heading the way of antibiotics, according to a study published this week in Science Translational Medicine ...
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Boy almost back to normal 3 years after doctors remove large section of his brain

Ars Technica | 
A boy who had large parts of the right side of his brain removed due to a slow-growing tumor made ...

Why it’s difficult to declare the end of an Ebola outbreak

Ars Technica | 
The World Health Organization on [July 24] declared the official end of the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic ...
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Woman’s death blamed on bee-sting acupuncture promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

Ars Technica | 
A 55-year-old Spanish woman has died following repeated exposures to an acupuncture method that uses live, stinging bees instead of ...
poison arrow

Ancient poison used for arrows could lead to male birth control pills

Ars Technica | 
According to scientists, a poison arrow in the quiver may let loose a very sticky nether-region massacre. The poison in ...

Mystery of anesthetics: Despite lack of central nervous system, plants too ‘pass out’ from ‘knock out’ drugs

Ars Technica | 
Just like humans, plants can succumb to the effects of general anesthetic drugs, researchers report in the Annals of Botany. The finding ...

Gut microbiome could influence response to cancer treatment

Ars Technica | 
When [cancer] drugs work, the immune system tramples tumors into oblivion. But they don’t always work—in fact, cancer drugs can ...
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Chemotherapy drugs can be blocked by bacteria hiding in cancer cells

Ars Technica | 
Of all the kinds of bacteria, some are charming and beneficial, others are malicious and dangerous—and then there are the ...
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Homeopaths beware: Natural teething beads found to contain lead

Ars Technica | 
A nine-month-old baby in Connecticut had dangerously high levels of lead in her blood after chewing on a homeopathic “healing ...

Why Zika exploded in the Americas: One gene mutation?

Ars Technica | 
A single mutation may explain why Zika suddenly erupted from obscurity to become the alarming re-emerging infectious disease it is ...
wpc fall medicine cabinet

Treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other forms of dementia may already be in your medicine cabinet

Ars Technica | 
Tried, true, and FDA-approved drugs for cancer and depression—already in medicine cabinets—may also be long-sought treatments for devastating brain diseases ...

Tumor zapper: Brain cancer survival rates boosted by electric skull cap

Ars Technica | 
An electric skull cap designed to zap cancer cells trying to grow in the brains of wearers proved useful at ...
genetic screening

Republican bill could force workers to involuntarily disclose sensitive DNA data to employers

Ars Technica | 
It’s hard to imagine a more sensitive type of personal information than your own genetic blueprints...[T]he four-base code can reveal ...

Staph may have acquired resistance genes for common antimicbrobial hand sanitizers

Science News | 
Sneezing out antimicrobial snot may sound like a superpower, but it actually could be a handicap. Triclosan, an omnipresent antimicrobial ...

Engineered mosquitoes stymie malaria’s spread with bacteria

Nature | 
The following is an excerpt. Find a link to the full story below. Scientists have engineered mosquitoes to carry a ...
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Anti-GMO study is “inadequate”, says European Food Safety Authority

Scientist | 
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found that a controversial study, which claimed to link genetically modified (GM) crops ...