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Plague genome offers clues about origins of Black Death pandemic

Ars Technica | 
Yersinia pestis, the subject of [Barbara Bramanti’s] research, is the bacterium responsible for three bubonic plague pandemics over human history ...

Can llamas give us a universal flu vaccine?

Ars Technica | 
Llama antibodies are different from ours. Our antibodies are a mix of two pairs of proteins, heavy and light, wrapped ...
Feed the World sans GMOs x

GMO crops so efficient at killing pests, adjacent non-GMO crops are also protected

Ars Technica | 
One of the great purported boons of GMOs is that they allow farmers to use fewer pesticides, some of which are ...
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CRISPR may open door to personalized treatment of cancer

Ars Technica | 
One thing cells must do in order to become cancerous is to overthrow the normal checks on their growth. As ...
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Genetics might help grow perfect cup of coffee

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Coffee is in danger around the world, but experimental farmers want to save it by finding a variety that can ...
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Humans have innate ability to assess probability, but odds are we’re a bit off

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Humans have an innate ability to assess probability, as evidenced by a recent study of remote populations in Guatemala, but ...

Antibiotics starting to backfire? Here’s one possible solution

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Current antibiotics may be reaching the end of their utility. They are often kill healthy parts of out microbiome along ...
dirty scrabble

Sex, drugs and … vocabulary? Hedonism not only thing that rewards the brain!

Genetic Literacy Project | 
For some people, learning new words activates the same machinery in the brain as sex, drugs and possibly fatty and ...
circulating tumor cell chip

Immunorepertoire: New slant on personalized medicine

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Antibodies and T cell receptors recognize all of the proteins in our bodies, and thereby provide a record of everything ...

Computing with DNA

Genetic Literacy Project | 
DNA is exceptionally information dense. In nature it is used to encode the instructions for making living organisms, but people ...

When you take your drugs might matter as much as what you’re taking

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Circadian clock genes help align our bodies with our planet's 24 hour light-dark cycle. Misalignment of circadian rhythms has been ...
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