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‘Every sneeze, kiss, or slap on the back could be part of a larger story’: How the microbiome affects our social lives

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Research confirms that who you spend time with is a powerful predictor of the microbes you carry. But these tiny ...
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Dementia patients often have lucid moments. Can these ‘awakenings’ help us treat Alzheimer’s and other diseases?

Scientific American | 
An elderly woman suffering from late-stage Alzheimer’s disease had neither talked to nor reacted to any of her family members ...
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Understanding autism’s broad spectrum can ‘save’ family relationships

Spectrum | 
That half of the family is on the spectrum and half not makes the Wiesenthals interesting to Molly Losh, director of ...
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Brain sync studies could lead to better connections between patients and therapists

Scientific American | 
A growing cadre of neuroscientists is using sophisticated technology ... to capture what happens in one brain, two brains, or ...
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Hearing loss linked to single mutation might be treatable with gene editing

Scientific American | 
When David Liu first heard about a strain of mouse from his colleague Zheng-Yi Chen, he got excited. The mice ...