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Protect agriculture and stand up against GM crops

Anti-GMO activism: Latest example of age-old resistance to innovation, says African biotech scientist

Daily Nation | 
A cloud of resistance hangs over the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Kenya....Uncertainties created by technophobes instill fear ...
DU Kenya

What’s behind public fear of GMO foods in developing countries?

Daily Nation | 
The genetically modified organism (GMO) debate remains engulfed in a maelstrom of controversies. Sadly, what is largely a First-World debate ...
RETITLED CAPS REVISED Biotechnology Adoption in Africa Featured Image

How European-Based NGOs Block Crop Biotechnology Adoption In Africa

Genetic Literacy Project | 
European politicians and anti-biotech groups lobby to prevent Africa from adopting or trading GE crops. Farmers have been forced to ...

Arguments against GM crops riddled with problems including vested interests and romanticizing hunger

SciDev | 
The year 2013 marked the 18th consecutive year of commercial cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or now commonly referred to as ...