Monsanto dicamba herbicide 4327

Video: Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide fiasco explained

Nick Saik | 
Dicamba… Miracle herbicide? Ultimate boondoggle? Bit of both really… These videos talks about why a 50 years old herbicide is ...
GMO cotton 4328834

Video: How GMO cotton helps farmers save fuel and water—and reduces pesticide use

Nick Saik | 
When I think of cotton, I think of the southern United States. Australia may not come to mind, but they ...
GMO natural 7838437

Video: Are genetically modified foods ‘unnatural’?

Nick Saik | 
It's such a simple question. Naturally, the answer is far more complex than it ought to be. We've always messed ...
gmo organic 38575012

Video: Are GMO crops and organic farming necessarily at odds?

Kevin Folta, Nick Saik | 
GMO vs Organic... The ultimate food fight right? Not really. Lots of GMOs could be grown organically, and lots of ...