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Video: African biotech scientist Margaret Karembu defends safety, sustainability of GMO crops

Margaret Karembu, Nick Saik | 
Environmental scientist Margaret Karembu takes on common objections to GMO crops in this interview with Know Ideas Media founder Nick ...
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Video: Where did the infamous needle-in-a-tomato anti-GMO image come from?

Nick Saik | 
It’s become something of a personal quest: find the original “syringe-in-the-plant” image. For the last 5 years, I’ve been communicating ...
fda stamp approved

Video: The case for growing (and eating) sustainable GMO AquAdvantage salmon

Nick Saik | 
Recently, a company called AquaBounty earned U.S. approval to begin selling their genetically engineered salmon in grocery stores. The salmon ...
non gmo labels consolidated label

Video: How accurate is Non-GMO Project’s butterfly label?

Nick Saik | 
Make no mistake, the Non-GMO Project isn't here to sell you safer food, they're just here to make money on ...

Video: Why many food companies won’t pick a side in the GMO debate

Nick Saik | 
In this video, Know Ideas Media founder Nick Saik explains why farmers and agriculture companies have to get involved in ...
bigstock Gmo Or Organic Farming Directi

Video: Organic vs conventional farming—do we have to pick one or the other?

Nick Saik | 
The public debate over the costs and benefits of organic and conventional farming continues unabated. But what exactly separates them? ...
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Video: How CRISPR is changing the GMO debate

Nick Saik | 
CRISPR is changing everything we thought we knew about Genetic Engineering, because according to the USDA, they won't be regulating ...
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Video: A quick history of biotechnology

Nick Saik | 
Here’s a history of DNA, genes, and chromosomes as fast as possible. Read full, original post: A History Of Biotechnology ...
John Franz image history page

Video: John Franz invented the herbicide glyphosate—is he a farming hero or villain?

Nick Saik | 
Who's the man behind Glyphosate, and why is he winning some of the highest honors in science if his invention ...
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Video: Does ‘organic’ mean GMO-free?

Nick Saik | 
The definition of what "GMO" means is most important in the context of organic production, because they’ve been the champions ...
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Video: How insect-resistant GMO crops help keep nearby organic farms pest free

Nick Saik | 
Are Genetically Engineered crops good or bad for the surrounding environment? GREAT QUESTION! New research from the University of Maryland ...
XtendiMax Sprayer

Video: Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide fiasco explained

Nick Saik | 
Dicamba… Miracle herbicide? Ultimate boondoggle? Bit of both really… These videos talks about why a 50 years old herbicide is ...
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Video: How GMO cotton helps farmers save fuel and water—and reduces pesticide use

Nick Saik | 
When I think of cotton, I think of the southern United States. Australia may not come to mind, but they ...

Video: Are genetically modified foods ‘unnatural’?

Nick Saik | 
It's such a simple question. Naturally, the answer is far more complex than it ought to be. We've always messed ...
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Video: Are GMO crops and organic farming necessarily at odds?

Kevin Folta, Nick Saik | 
GMO vs Organic... The ultimate food fight right? Not really. Lots of GMOs could be grown organically, and lots of ...